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Just finishing up the roof inspection videos.

Good evening! the pictures I am posting are from an apartment complex. The gutter system was completely stuffed with pine needles from the nearby trees. On one corner there appears to be an area of gutter that was crushed.




This Is a picture of a properly flashed chimney. The roof looked nearly new and I did not note any deficiencies. I did point out that the flashing was face-nailed and the nails were covered with silicone caulking, and that the homeowner should periodically monitor the condition of the caulk.

I inspected an asphalt shingle roof that was accessable by ladder. The weather was in the mid-50’s sunny and dry and the pitch was measured to be 5/12, so I safely walked it. It was a layered Architectural style (TamCo or Heritage type). There was almost no stone granules in the gutter and the flashing was bright and neatly installed. All of the roof jacks and boots appeared almost new. It appeared no older than one or two years and no deficiencies were noted.

In this picture i’m focused on the gutter and downspout both are installed correctly and no issues were found. I do recommend to clean out the gutter.

Image 3-20-15 at 8.30 AM.jpg

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Just finishing up the general roof inspection course. Good course as are all the courses offered here. Always more to learn and InterNACHI is definitely the place to pick up the best information. Be it from the forums or courses… there is no shortage of information.

The following pic is of a deteriorating garage roof. Roof had poor ventilation and failed a lot faster than would have been expected.


Starting general roof inspections

Gary Oikarinen

Kestrel Site Inspections,LLC

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Rear Lower Roof Showing Sign of Debris and Algae Growth.jpg

This shows alge growth on the north facing slope.

Rear Lower Roof Showing Sign of Debris and Algae Growth.jpg

Rear Lower Roof Showing Sign of Debris and Algae Growth.jpg

Rear Lower Roof Showing Sign of Debris and Algae Growth.jpg

Improper repair to shingles was leaking into home. Under the shingles the blank sheathing was punky and needed to be replaced.

This is an example of poor general roof maintenance. In this photo this home has recently had a new shingle roof installed but the gutters were completely full of debris which clogged the downspout.

DSCN1830 (200x150).jpg

I inspected a newly installed asphalt shingle roof. Everything seemed to be in good shape… no visible sign of wood rot, drip edge in place, vents & boots were good etc… however, the chimney flashing was improperly installed with sealant just like the ones shown in this course.


Extremely worn roof, way past life expectancy, leaks were noted in attic

Gary Oikarinen


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This roof was inspected by walking the roof surface, the gutters were viewed from the roof, the eaves were inspected from a ladder and from the roof surface, gutters were filled with asphalt granules and leaves which need cleaning, the condition of the asphalt shingles is extremely warn and in need of repair/replacement. I saw evidence of an active roof leak which was confirmed when the attic was inspected. There was evidence of caulking separation where chimney flashing met the roof.

Gary Oikarinen Kestrel Site Inspections,LLC

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“Roofing system is a hip design, with gabled ends over rear patio and garage. The roof has 2 areas where shingles were replaced. Upon inspection of the attic area, no signs of moisture penetration were present. Gutters were clogged at the downspout openings with asphalt granules as well as leaves, causing standing water. Recommend cleaning the gutters to allow proper drainage.”

Here’s an image of a valley where two hip roofs come together. The damage the the gutter screens caused an ice dam over the winter and a lifting of the shingles at the end of the valley is apparent.

As part of a per-licensing field inspection, the roof system of my house was evaluated. While there are several minor issues, the most prominent related to inconsistent insulation at the eaves, leaving some areas bare and others where soffit vents were covered creating ventilation issues and the potential for ice dam formation.

going in to inspect the roof

Here is a photo i took on an inspection with asbestos containing insulation that has wiring running throughout. The wiring is not properly connected and not secured within a foot of its connection.