General Training Question

I’m a newbie here so please excuse any ignorant questions I may throw out there.

I just joined InterNACHI and will be starting the online certification program very soon.

My state (Virginia) requires 70 hours of education but limits half that to online and the other half has to be some sort of formal training. I’m assuming either classroom or in the field.

I’ve read a lot of bad things about a certain “school” for inspectors and have ruled them out.

Do you pros have any good suggestions for how I can fulfill the “formal” training needed?

Thanks in advance for any help you offer.

In my area, my local charter of InterNACHI gives credited CEU classes. Look into that. You most likely have to join.

Around here the local community college gives classes. The Maryland Association of Home Inspectors (MAHI) has State accredited seminars every other month or so. License term is two years so the credits need to be earned within that time period, no carry-over. Virginia probably has similar offerings. Call a Home Inspector in your state and ask.

That’s for after his required 70 hours of education. Hence Continuing Education Units.