Recommend training for new inspector

I am currently working on the first year of InterNACHI CE requirements. For a new inspector what InterNACHI CEs or webinars outside of the initial requirements would you guys recommend?

What is your weakest subject? I would start there first.

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Following the CPI schedule is a pretty thorough and well rounded way to go.


Where are you located? Your State, if it licenses home inspectors, may have additional requirements different than those of InterNACHI. Looking at just the programs offered by InterNACHI, the advice to pick classes in which you feel weak is good, but also look for topics that pique your interest.


I all ready completed AHITs 72 hour course. I’m working through all the InterNACHI requirements right now. I’m just trying to be well prepared before stepping out there.

I’m located in Maryland.

If it’s of any help, I’m just about to take the State exam for my license and have been going over some courses again and again to get my head around them.

I’ve found these forums to be a goldmine of tips and tricks that you can use, but there is one thing that I picked up on in a casual conversation - make sure that you know what you don’t know!

That sounds a bit odd, let’s see if I can explain it a bit better like this: Radon testing, for example, requires special qualifications, expensive equipment, quite a time investment and possibly even a special license depending on where you are. I don’t know much about it, but I studied enough to be able to explain what it is, why I currently don’t offer it, and who to contact if the client really wants it. Maybe at some point I’ll invest the necessary time and money to add it to my repertoire, but for now …

I feel, especially with just starting out, that there will be things that might be beyond my experience. The trick is to learn how to articulate them, and to know where to find help if you really need it.

Apart from that, look around at your local market area, and see what there is. In my case, there are literally thousands of manufactured homes, so I’ve been digging extra deep on the related courses.

Hope that helps!


It does. Things I’ve been looking for are reviews of home inspections. AHIT use to offer paid reviews of home inspections. They stopped offering that. Basically I’m not in a rush to start inspections for a profit and want to be well prepared before I start inspections.

I was debating about reaching out to some mentors. I’ve spoken to one briefly that gave me some good advice. I’m fairly sure he would be willing to review some of my inspections.

What does that mean? You could pay them to review your report?

Do it for free here. Be sure to wear your “thick skin” suit. You can expect a hyper critical review which is a serious gift for someone who really wants to succeed.