Geothermal heating system

I came across my first home with a Geothermal heating/cooling system. I tested the heating function of the system and it produced a temperature differential of over 25+ degrees from supply air to heated air from registers. I was hesitant to test the cooling function of the system due to the 60 degree supply air of the house and outside air temperatures below 50 degrees. With a geothermal system is there any risk to checking the heating and cooling functions of the system with regards to supply air temperatures? Outside air temperatures should not have an effect on the system unlike a heat pump system? Is there any risk to damaging the system due to supply temperatures or outside air temperatures with regards to heating or cooling?

Washington State

No. What does the outdoor air temp have to do with GeoThermal? “Geo”?

There is no damage potential in running a Heat Pump either.

Who told you that?

Washington State SOP’s tell us to not test the cooling function of a heat pump system if outside air temperatures are below 60 degrees, that it could damage the system.

I would say you have someone writing your SOP that does not know sic-um from cum-here. A air to air heat pump goes into the cooling mode automatically from the normal heat mode every time it goes into defrost that is about 6 to 8 times in a 24 hour period:shock:

And besides, Geothermal is not what they are talking about…

Better go back and turn it on.

So which is it?

What effects do you think the outdoor air temperature has on a geothermal system?

Geez the water or soil temp could be 55 degrees. I am JOKING of course;-)

I was asking Dan.

I understood that I was just joking:D