Geothermal Inspection?

Has anyone inspected a Geothermal system? Just wondering what to look for on the system. I know it was installed in 04. Thanks, John

See that it responds to normal controls just like any other system and recommend that it be serviced periodically by a reputable tech knowledgeable about this type of system.(most are not)

Same as a heat pump
Check the plumbing connections and pumps.
Many are also connected to a water heater so check those connections as well


Geothermal systems include above ground mechanical devices and below ground systems that could be leaking glycol, be of insufficient depth, can be too close to drinking water wells and other factors that you are not able to observe or remark upon. Be careful not to declare any geothermal system as being “okay” simply because the mechanical equipment operates as it should.

Since most geothermal systems are not a part of the original construction, urge your client to conduct a permit search to ensure that it was properly installed by a qualified contractor and to inquire as to what, if any, warranties are in effect that could be transferred with the deed.


Look for obvious leaks and as mentioned above check it’s normal operating conditions.

It would also be prudent to recommend review of all service records and recommend a service if the records are non existent or old.

Guessing as to the Refrigerant used in the System would not be prudent, IMO.

Do you want to put your name on something you know nothing about?

If the clients want it checked, hire an HVAC contractor.
Try to be there and you may learn something.

That’s the best advice

Another prime example of why old threads can still be useful.

Couldn’t one point the Flir One at the ground to make sure it’s working properly? :cool:

Sure you can make sure you put in your report that the unit was performing as intended as confirmed by the Flir one and I would high lite Flir one:p