Help with age of GeoComfort Unit

This is the first time I ran across a geothermal heating/AC unit.
For starters can find MFG date. Model is a GeoComfort R410A
(Serial # S08094061).
Any info on how or what to inspect or look for appreciated.
Is this a Water to Water or a Two stage split?

Providing basic information on this equipment predisposes guessing.

If you’d like to learn about this equipment, consider investing $65 on a service call for the HVAC contractor to come take a look at it and explain what he is looking at.

Standards of home inspection practice defines HVAC heating and cooling inspection.

Making a guess outside of the standard presents liability issues to your business.

Why would anyone want to inspect something that they do not know anything about (specifically when it is written down that it is not in the scope of your job)?

Go turn it on, if you see something or hear something out of the ordinary, post it here. Someone can possibly help you on that specific question.

Geothermal is quite complex, second to a heat pump (not too many people fully understand the heat pump either). There is a large number of HVAC contractors that would not even attempt what you are suggesting.

From the serial # appears to be MFG August of 2009 And I like to differ with my friend from Tenn occasionally just because I can. I am of the opinion that heat pumps and geo system are not as complex as they appear on the surface just different types of heat transfer mediums and additional controls that just scare the crap out of the unknowing.
Geo systems were derived from something that has been around since Mobey Dick was a minnow. Water cooled condensers on Commercial A/C units that is basically all they are. Does not matter where the water is taken from or where it is discharged back to.

If you want to talk about closed loops Geo system simply a buried loop with a pump to move glycol thru the loop the loop could also be dropped into a pond of water many choices determined by what is available if you have a yard the size of a postage stamp forget about buried loops

To understand Geo systems you must understand what type you are dealing with.


For ground source loop systems in my area, we also have “direct expansion or DX” loops in which the refrigerant is circulated to pick up the ground heat.

Have recently seen some deep wells (up to 600’) in which a single loop is inserted down the well and then the well bore is grouted (used in small lot situations).