Get 31% to 88% off on office supplies!

thanks Nick…

Another great benefit. Thanks Nick

Nick, thank you!

Printed out the card this morning, brought it in to Office Max and they laminated for me

I used it and saved money on supplies that I needed.

Thanks Nick


It will interesting to see how much of a discount they give on laptop computers.
Find one on sale and then get the InterNACHI discount on top of that… could
be a killer deal.

I just came back from there and I purchased copy paper, pens, printer ink, note pads and writing paper and there was no discount on those items. So were are the savings?

I had OfficeMax pull your actual purchase you made Tom. You got a discount on everything. For example:

You purchased an HP 901 TRI-COLOR INK CARTRIDGE and saved $3.52 with your InterNACHI card.

You purchsed 10 reams of paper and saved $12.00 with your InterNACHI card.

I was told at the counter that there was no discount. Since that, they have contacted me and have shown what you are showing to us. Thank you for your effort, and theirs. Savings are savings.

That is not what I purchased but. I was told at the counter that there was no discount on the items that I purchased. Since that, they have contacted me and have shown me what simular items would have saved me money. Thank you for your effort, and theirs. I should have logged in and printed the specials and taken it with me.

They give you private information on peoples purchases.?

I tried to buy a laptop online, but the iNACHI code number was not accepted in the promotional code box.

John, I got this from Dan (he read your post):


I wanted to introduce myself as the program manager for the InterNACHI pricing through OfficeMax. I worked for AHIT for several years and have now moved over to OfficeMax so I have a great understanding of the inspection industry and what you guys do everyday. I’ve probably talked to a lot of you at trade shows or on the phone over the last several years. I look forward to helping you save money on your office supplies.

If you have any questions about the program or need help with pricing out a specific project or item you can contact me anytime. or 877-633-2629 Opt 2, Opt 1, Ext 6525.

Remember, there are two ways to get the InterNACHI pricing. You can download and print the discount card and take it to any of our retail stores or you can login to with the InterNACHI log-in and have items delivered right to your home or business.

I look forward to working with you!

Dan Nolan

Got this:

so how do we get the login info to log into the site? thanks

I’m glad we could help Tom save so much on his textbooks!

The detail are at after you click the link to download the discount card.

To order online visit:

Username: internachi
Password: member1

And they’re giving discounts on more than just the items Nick listed.