Get a whopping, additional $300!!! on each inspection with FrontPoint Security.

InterNACHI has worked hard to secure a partnership with one of the nation’s top rated alarm companies – FrontPoint Security! We’ve joined forces with FrontPoint in an effort to put an additional $300 in your pocket for each home inspection that you perform. To take advantage of this opportunity, simply recommend FrontPoint’s home security services to each one of your clients and hand them a piece of marketing collateral. Once your client orders an alarm system from FrontPoint and becomes a Qualified Activation, you will receive $300 from us. It’s that simple!

There is no fee to participate in this program. To sign up, or get more information, visit:

You can feel comfortable recommending FrontPoint too! They are accredited with an A rating on the BBB, are one of the highest rated alarm companies on Angie’s List, are a 2011 Super Service Award recipient, have a 5 star rating on Yelp, and hundreds of testimonials across the Web! FrontPoint Security offers Wireless GE Security Systems and 100% Cellular Monitoring, so there are no wires to run and your client will never need to maintain a home phone or internet connection. It’s so simple to set-up, there is no professional installation needed. FrontPoint Security offers a quick self-setup solution that takes security to the next level. Their monitoring options include interactive services such as remote access through a smartphone or computer, instant alerts, and video. Your clients will even be entitled to a 30-day money back guarantee and an instant discount of up to $300!

Be sure to take advantage of this great opportunity, contact FrontPoint Security today!


I wish I knew this this morning. Could have sold one.

Thanks Nick.

*Edit, That sounded sarcastic, Im not being sarcastic. I’m thankful to Nick for all he does.

Thanks Nick looks good, been waiting for something like this since Brinks sold out and ADT dropped everyone.

Hey Nick. What area of the country to they cover. Are they in Florida.


Hi Nick!

Thanks for announcing the program. Everyone here is excited to be working with you and your team of inspectors.

FrontPoint Security

Hi Ken,

We service all of the U.S. (except for Las Vegas, Nevada & Henderson, Nevada) and we service most of Canada as well (except for the province of Quebec).



Hi Everyone,

Just wanted to let you know that I’m here to answer any questions that you may have, so please feel free to post them here in the forum and I’ll respond. Also, post any campaign / program suggestions that come to mind.



Is anyone doing this yet? if yes whats the good, bad or ugly ?


All good reports from those doing it. Insane money btw.

I would love to chat at you Karl. I have a busy life, but would be glad to take your call when you get a chance.

Do you have names so we can maybe chat with them? I hate to refer anything that reflects poorly back to me.lwould like those who actually have referred them and their input on the process and professionalism of the company.


Great news! Inspectors have asked me for a special promotion for their clients, so I’ve created one for InterNACHI. Please email me at and I’ll give you the promo code. Give it to your clients with the flyer. It will entitle them to a free smoke/heat sensor when they sign up for service. I think this is a great offer since nearly everyone needs a monitored fire alarm.

Three other things I’d like to discuss:

  1. A few inspectors were asking us to add form fields on the flyer so they could type in their name and inspector ID rather than handwriting them in. We’ve added digital form fields to the PDF. Please download updated versions of the flyer here:

  1. I have a special request for someone that is up for the challenge. I’d love for someone to give our sales center a call, go through a presentation, and then post their experience here. I’d prefer that only one person do this, so that we do not have a ton of non-sales related calls dialing into the InterNACHI sales hotline.

  2. A few inspectors have asked if they could qualify for the commissions if they get an alarm system for their own home. We’ve decided to expand the program to cover alarm purchases made by the inspectors as well (as long as you Qualify for the system and Activate).

Let me know if you have questions.


Karl Modl
FrontPoint Security

Can you just put the promo code onto the flyer, that way the client will only have only one piece of paper to contend with?