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Shouldn’t that be “wood destroying insects”

Russell, per the Florida Dep’t Of Agriculture and Consumer Services, it is WDO.

Other states may call it WDI.

I was referring to the FHA NPMA-33 form.

“Wood Destroying Insect Report Form”

Not every organism that destroys wood is an insect, so NPMA is wrong. Here is InterNACHI’s reporting form:

Thanks for clearing that up. I don’t do mold inspections so I refer to it as WDI which is consistent with what FHA, VA and rural development is looking for.

Not saying it’s right or wrong just whats common in my neck of the woods.

Will mortgage companies accept the NACHI format? The lenders I have dealt with specifically ask for the NPMA33.

We use InterNACHI’s here, but it took them some “gettin’ used to.”