WDO Inspections

I’m going to begin offering WDO Inspections. I’m looking for a suggestions for a stand-alone WDO contract for those only ordering a WDO Inspection and that I can include with my general home inspection contract as needed.

Any samples out there??

Thank you!

What does your state require?

Indiana license for Wood Destroying Insect, but some states are WDO (includes funguses). Either way, you are likely to use the attached form.

My understanding is that the NPMA-33 form is for reporting to lending institutions. In my State there are no requirements for WDO Inspectors, so I can provide general private WDO inspections and report as necessary the only requirement is if you are going to report to a lending institution, then you have to report on the NPMA-33…which requires you to be a licensed pesticide applicator. I’m getting my applicators license so that I can offer that service, but in the meantime I wanted to find something to use.