New WDO inspection reporting form.

WDO inspection reporting form.

Will any banks or lenders buy into this form? NPMA 33 is the standard.

We have a BoA deal we’re working on and part of our requirement is to use our form.

Could not use this form in Washington. But what I did get to use is the WDO NACHI online course to get my Washington Pest Inspector CE credits this year for free.
Thanks Nick.

We’ll see.

I don’t believe that will work in Florida, need to be state cerified in WDO to perform wdo inspections, which I am btw.

We have many InterNACHI members who are licensed to perform WDO inspections. Others can’t get a license because one isn’t available in their state, but they still offer (for additional fee) WDO inspections.

Do you know if NY State requires a license to inspect?

They do not. Only to treat.

That is incorrect you are required to have a Pesticide Technician License issued by New York Department of Environmental Conservation.

How will BoA be able to sign these at the time of the inspection?

I just took the internachi exam and passed. Does this mean I can perform an WDI inspection or do I still need to get certified by NY DEC? I thought, if I passed the Internachi exam, I can at least perform a WDI for conventional loans but not for FHA or VA loans in NY.

This statement is incorrect. All a technician license does is allow you to work alongside one with an applicators license while treating. The DEC has no opinion whatsoever as to what, if anything, is required to perform a WDI inspection.

In fact, NY State has no requirement at all for certification or licensing in order to perfoirm a WDI inspection on a home.

There are no illegalities relative to filling out a NPMA-33. Worst case is the bank rejects your form. I have not had my NY State DEC license for years, and have never had a bank reject my WDI report, EVER.

FHA/VA/HUD used to want to see some sort of formal training and testing. They accepted the NY State DEC certification number for this specific purpose, at one time.

Perhaps NACHI should make the effort to have the IAC2 course formally recognized by the Federal Government. I suspect they won’t. It would end the debate forever.

Many banks no longer require a WDI inspection. It depends on the type of loan, and what the bank accepts as documentation. I would be surprised if Bank of America would stray away from the defacto standard form, offered through the National Pest management Association, for many, many years.

Just like having the IAC2 Radon course and certification recognized by the NY State DOH… NACHI will likely do little if anything at all…

There have been many claims made here through the years. Time will tell if this is real, or not. Aside from that, why would anyone want to use multiple forms for WDI, when there is one form accepted universally?

Also, be aware of the ramifications of claiming “special knowledge” while inspecting.

Correct. And NY is not an exception. Most states don’t regulating the inspecting for WDO… only treatment.

Therefore, I would recommend that you take course. InterNACHI’s WDO course is the most approved WDO course in existence and has been awarded these accreditations:

Why create another form? Why not just use the recognized NPMA-33for free?

Their form has a huge error in it (no visible evidence thing). And it also has the circled C (copyright) at the bottom. You can’t use it.

You can use it for free. It is available on the HUB Portal. It’s language holds up in court. It is a Federally recognized (and currently required form) for VA/FHA/HUD

I personally know of dozens of lawsuits over that stupid NPMA form. “No visible evidence” is subjective. I say it was not there, you say that it was visible, I say O.K, it was there but it wasn’t visible, you take a picture showing it was visible… The form’s goofy language is why there have been thousands of lawsuits regarding WDO infestation.

  • The language used in InterNACHI’s form is not subjective
  • InterNACHI’s form isn’t copyrighted (you can use it).
  • InterNACHI’s form is used in InterNACHI’s WDO course which has received more than 40 governmental approvals (more than any other WDO course).

In Ohio an inspector must be licensed by The Ohio Department of Agriculture to lawfully report the absence or presence of, or damage caused by WDI/WDO.

In order to obtain that license one must attend a 5 hour class by a qualified entity, pass a proctored exam administered by the state and have proof of E&O insurance in the form of a certificate sent to the state.

Currently the only form licensed WDI/WDO Inspectors or Pesticide Applicators are permitted to use in Ohio is in the NPMA-33.

What you have listed below Nick, at least for Ohio, concerns continuing education (re-certification), which the state of Ohio requires 5 CEs every 3 years by a qualified entity.

Thanks for posting the below information so inspectors who have questions can check with their state concerning WDI/WDO inspection requirements.

In Florida you must use the state statutory “wood destroying organism report”.
Any other form is illegal.
You have to be a state licensed termite operator or have an “ID card” under that licensed operator.
Technically, you cannot list anything on the home inspection report, it must only be on the state form.
I used to teach CEU re-certification for the state on this form & consider myself an expert. :smiley: