Get outside

Its 75 degrees without a cloud in the sky. I’m going to put on my Van Morrision mix, and going for a few mile run. If you’re not inspecting today and have already done something for your business, get out there and do something for your body and mind, instead of going over these stressful political debates you guys love to post in this section.

Ahhh, excercise.

I haven’t exercised in months. I think I’ll wait until the holidays are over. The kids need to be spoiled with Halloween candy, thanksgiving pies and Christmas sweets. After watching them enjoy these treats, it only makes my mouth water and I dig in too.

Exercising will be my 2009 resolution.

I don’t look that bad… do I?

When is it due Dave, have you picked a name yet?----:))

Damn, what a picture of health–:))))

After seeing that I feel better!

Why is that Elder?..Oops…I mean StuccoBoy–:)))

You are much larger than that photo, no?

If not, I apologize—:)))

Hey Dale, that looks like Brian’s gut:p:p

Linas, you know what?

You are exactly correct, it really does, I remember the pictures I took last summer when him and I took his Vessels to the Lake…ain’t no wonder we came back “Chick-Less”-------:::)))

Quit picking on the weighted wonder.

The weighted wonder? Love it.

David, if that’s what you’re working with, lets start with some baby steps. Perhaps try walking to the donut shop instead of driving there. Eventually, stop going there at all, because you can see the effect those donuts are having on the shape of your waist. You are what you eat.:stuck_out_tongue:

Now Dale, of all people you should know better. BK doesn’t have nearly that tan…:mrgreen:

White weighted wonder

Boy You guys are tough!!!

AstroBoy…my my…I bet his ears are ringing now, where ever he is…probably headed to Ireland for the weekend or something bizarre–:)))

Unfortunately, when he hears that ringing, he’ll probably confuse it for the dinner bell and go eat.


Congrats, looks like you still have a 30" belt line! :smiley:

At least the watch still fits.

A couple more pounds and you’ve got a perfect resting spot for a beer. Of course along with those added pounds, you might need a bra. :mrgreen: :stuck_out_tongue:

Where does it END ?

Hmmm, odd indeed. It seems the two weeks I spent in Ireland paid unforeseen dividends. Who knew that eating copious amounts of sausage for breakfast and Stout beers at Night would have such an effect on my health and figure. :shock:

I checked in with my Dr. wed morning and am a svelte 235 (on a 180 lb frame) and when I got my blood work back it seems sausage and beer might possibly raise your triglycerides??? :frowning:

who’d a thunk…my doctor seems to spew the same odius crap…:roll::roll::roll:

Yeah, wait till Thanksgiving. I’ll be eating both turkey drumsticks with one in each hand and then slobbering big pieces of blueberry pie into my big mouth. Then I’ll take a nap and when I wake up, I’ll make myself a hefty 5" thick turkey sandwich loaded with stuffing, cranberry sauce and mayonnaise.

Do you think my eating habits are the reason why my cholesterol levels are skyrocketing?

Listen…it could be worse…