Minus 7 outside

I consider this a blessing in disguise.

Catch up on organizing my office (a task I have never completed.)

Organize my laptop.

I am armed with a donut, fresh brewed coffee.
Just me and the dog and the dog is buried under a blanket on the sofa (my wife’s little Yorky.) Never cared for little dogs but this gal leaves me alone for the most part and I like independent critters.

I can appreciate not leaving the house for today.

To all you Minnesota and Wisconsin guys, dress warm;-)

Supposed to be -13 around here Thursday overnight. I’m pretty tired of this.

The cold never bothered me before, and I used to work outside all day long in it, but these last few years are really making me think about moving.

I didn’t know Ohio got that cold. Always thought it was more moderate as its south of us.

After yesterday, I’m considering tying that damn snow shovel to the front of my truck and driving south until someone asks me what the damn thing tied to the front of my truck is!

Paul, you lived in Florida…
It’s supposed to be in the 40’s here tonight. My feet are cold :slight_smile:
What the heck!!

Yeah I did and when working on a high rise in Titusville the weather hit 45, I pull onto the site and all the guys were waiting to see if they could go home?

I had recently moved there from Connecticut which is cold enough, damn if those Florida guys weren’t burning scraps in 55 gallon drums to warm their hands. Never saw anything like that:shock:

I am still laughing we shut down for 5 inches in the Washington, DC metro area!!! :stuck_out_tongue: