Sports, working out thread (continued). I lost almost 40 pounds.

I started this “continued” thread as some of the PICs on the original thread were bit over the top.

I’m almost 50 and can’t hold the blocks on my football team any more (both of my shoulders have to be replaced). So I decided to become a receiver instead. Dropped almost 40 pounds since January 7th by running sprints.

Maybe Jeff Pope can send me some of his clothes.

Wow Nick, you look great! A long way from how, << ahem >>, “healthy” you looked when we met a few years ago in Milwaukee. :slight_smile:

INACHI conference. Doesn’t this look yummy!

Nice job Nick. I’ve actually put on 2 lbs since we last met in Vegas. However, I’ve dropped my BMI to 11.5%. I can send you my old 34" jeans, I’m back into 30" :smiley:

I just finished the 60 day Insanity program over the weekend and continue with my running. Getting ready for the Mud Run in June.

[FONT=Comic Sans MS]Great job Nick
Great success in life is all about making the right choices.
What are you choices here?
Remember, think wisely and be one with the universe.

Choice #1

Or choice #2

We had a good thing. I’ll miss you Nick!

I gained almost 20 lbs since Vegas by New Years (heaviest ever) but have once again cut back the snacks and cut 15 of that.
Beautiful sunny and seventies in Chicago today means I am hitting the woods trails .
Hope to cut off another 20 before June.

Best way for me at least is to juice in a blender by adding ,fruit and vegetables into Kiefer plus take Niacin everyday for energy and kill carbs.

Wow Nick, looking good! Thats a great weight loss.