Getting certified to perform Radon, Mold, and Septic inspections

I am located in central Florida and I am wanting to offer more with my inspections. I think the 4 point and wind mitigation are a great up-sell on top of the residential inspection; but, I am hoping to add more in the future. I was wondering if I can get opinions on this from more experienced inspectors about a few questions.

  1. Is there any additional requirements I would need to perform Radon, Mold, or Septic inspections? Like with WDO inspections needing to own a pest control company or have a employee that has been in the field for more than a year I was wondering if there was any additional requirements like that. I would love to perform WDO inspections but I cant see myself quiting inspections to work for a pest control company for a year.
  2. Anyone that has done or doing these inspections would you advice against doing them as they are not that profitable or just not worth the trouble. I know septic inspections I will probably not ever get into because of the extent you have to go to fully perform that inspection.
  3. Any advice in general about what to charge. I usually charge half price for any add ons I do onto my residential inspection but I honestly don’t know where to begin with these items listed.
  4. Any advice in general… I am a new company and really surprised with the growth I have had already and I am only looking to improve the quality of work I do for the clients. Any tips to training or tips in general to the items listed would be much appreciated.
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I think Marc Goldenberg would help you regarding mold:

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You need a state license or certification to perform all of the services you have listed.

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Septic requires a general plumbers or septic contractor license. Regulated by the Department of Health.
Can’t imagine why anyone would want to deal with it anyway, on top of everything else we already do.

WDO has a unique set of procedures, but you need to be a card carrying ID holder from a PCO (pest control operator). Regulated by the Department of Agriculture.

Radon isn’t a big sellable service in Central Florida. I don’t think it’s worth the effort, YMMV.

Yup, Florida is mostly zone 3 but would be nice to be able to offer the service if requested.

Northern NJ (my service area) on the other hand is mostly zone 1 & 2. Your not gonna get the inspection if you don’t offer Radon testing.

I was thinking the same thing too about Radon but I guess I had a odd week where 3 people asked about it.