Getting started

Hi :
I’m not an Internachi member yet but will be soon, and wanted to ask a question.
After 40 + years as a carpenter and general contractor in residential work, I’m looking to become a certified inspector. I know what the education requirements are here in Virginia but need to accompany a certified inspector for a minimum of 25 inspections. I recently moved into the Fredericksburg Va. area and don’t know anyone local yet.
Is there anyone who could maybe steer me in the right direction in how to do this, or anyone out there who might be willing to take on a new guy? Thanks

I generally am able to find someone to help you with that. He/she is likely going to be an hour from you as no one likes training their LOCAL competitors.

Thanks, I completely understand why inspectors why others might be hesitant to train a local guy!

I understand completely why inspectors would be hesitant to deal with a local guy.

Nate has posted three different “posts”. Yet according to the upper right-hand corner He has only posted once.

What’s up?

Hi Nick:
Were you ever able to find someone who might be willing to let a new guy tag along?

Yes. I can almost always find someone for you to ride along with no matter where you are.

I’m in the Spotsylvania/ Fredericksburg area of Virginia. Is there anyone you could recommend for me?

Nat, Nick is normally a man of few words. Let me translate for you…

First, Join InterNachi,
Second, Email him with your request.

You cannot expect to reap the benefits of membership without joining!

Hope that helps.

What Jeffrey said.

Thanks much, will do.

Hi Nick:
I joined Internachi today and wanted to ask if you could help with finding somebody who could let me do ride alongs?

Welcome Nat.

Hey Nat

I service a few very big Realtors in Fredericksburg, but is not really my service area. Text me anytime you want. 571-208-3286

Hi Juan;
Will do. Thanks so much, Fredericksburg is right next door.

Hi Frank:
Thanks for the welcome, I appreciate that.

Thanks for the welcome frank.