Searching for a mentor in Virginia (25 Supervised Inspections)

I’m looking for VA licensed inspectors that would be willing to take on an extra shadow. Desperately need to complete my state required 25 supervised/parallel/shadowed inspections. I live in Fauquier County, so looking for someone who works in the surrounding areas.

I’ve reached out to some inspectors in my area, but haven’t had much luck. So any help or guidance would be greatly appreciated!

I’m coming to this world with 10+ years experience in home improvement/repair. I’ve completed the education requirements, and passed my national exam on Tuesday.


Become an InterNACHI Mentor

Thanks for the reply! Once I’m licensed, and able meet the requirements of becoming an InterNACHI Mentor, I will. For now, I’m searching for inspectors in my area who are willing to help.

Robert, give me a call. If you can line up the inspections, will be glad to help.

I think he needs to ride along with you. I don’t think he can set up any inspections, I do it for Il inspectors all the time. the are to watch only and take notes

Thanks Greg! I will give you a call this morning. Maybe we can work something out, so I can come out your way.

Jeff, you’re right. VA, prohibits me from soliciting “real” inspections, and requires me to follow someone around. They call them “supervised”; but the rules really mean follow, dont get in the way, observe, while also taking notes, and inspecting. It’s one of these things that you know is really important for the betterment of the industry; BUT unless you know someone, or decide to work for a franchise, it’s really hard to find people willing to help, because honestly it seems like a pain :slight_smile: I know for some it can count towards CE credits, which could be a plus.

It’s definitely something I’m committed to making myself available for in the future, and I think every new inspector who can, should. But, I totally get, that if you’re established and have been doing this work for awhile, you probably aren’t going to be used to having someone else in tow, it’s honestly kind of hard to expect licensed guys (and gals) to take on the extra work, just because the state says new inspectors need it done.

Thanks again!

Robert, just read your early-2018 posts, wondering what method you ended up using to get your ride-along for your VA home inspectors license? I’m in that situation now, in N. Virginia as well. Apprec any member comments.