GFCI at Laundry Sink Required?

A countertop outlet located 12" from a sink in a utility room should be GFCI protected, right? I found one that wasn’t, and the rest of the home’s electrical is perfect, so it is making me doubt myself. It isn’t listed in Code Check Electrical.

Call it out.
Within 6’ of sinks (03IRC) 3802.7 (02NEC) 210.8A7

How do you know the '02 or '03 codes apply???
How old is the home? You cannot call it out as “illegal” or not to code unless you know the installation date.

Regardless of date it is definitely something you can call out as suggested.

Oops. I forgot to mention the date. Built in 2004.

How do you know they don’t:p

Because it’s now 2007 sparky.

Take your pick

And for the codey wonks out there notice the word “should”.:smiley:

Forget the code, just call it out as safety for you client!

Unless you know the exact build/renovation date how do you know they do???

Now that we know the build date we can talk facts.
This was NOT code under the NEC. Your citation of 210.8(A)(7) is not correct. That is for wet bar sinks. There was NO requirement for laundry sinks in '02. It was added in '05.
So there is a VERY real chance this is a completely code compliant installation.

I reiterate. Call it out as suggested.

That’s what “should be” means Speedy. :smiley: :smiley:




Thanks for the info. I didn’t realize that laundry sinks were not included until 2005. I thought it was earlier than that. I recommended they install GFCI protection at the outlet to reduce the risk of electrocution.


Yes, always keep the CODE out of it and it's location in itself warrants the enhancement of a GFCI receptacle.

 Remember as a " safety" inspector you have the job of defining these areas of concern and required or not if you feel this location is near the laundry sink you have the right to suggest this safety enhancement upgrade.

In the end the client will have to make that choice based on your recommendation.

Just bear in mind there is a very good chance the washer has a ground fault in it so this isn’t a $10 fix, it might end up being a several hundred dollar fix. Not that isn’t a good idea but the seller might not agree.


How would this way on the effect of the original posters suggestion for a GFCI on the counter near the laundry sink?

We will assume it is not on the same circuit as the Washer…but it could be. We will assume it feeds the washer first and then the counter receptacle…may not but it could…either way a local GFCI on the counter is an added safety enhancement even if they bypassed the feed thru protection…atleast THAT receptacle has the added bonus of being GFCI and a good suggestion for that environment by the HI…don’t you agree?

10-4 Paul!

I always like GFCIs. I am for replacing the defective machine too. I just said the seller might not agree. Maybe his attorney could help.

ahh…I think I missed the machine part and only read the original posters question on GFCI’s on the counter near a a laundry sink. I did not see the part on a defective machine…I will check that out.