No GFCI in Kitchen

[FONT=Verdana][FONT=Times New Roman]I did a “mock” inspection for a friend and found no GFCI in the kitchen. It was a small kitchen with a peninsula type counter separating the kitchen from the dining room. The outlet was on the wall at the end of the counter. The counter had a double sink about 4 feet from the outlet. I check the panel and found only one GFCI which was for the bathrooms. House was built in 1992. How would you comment on this?


Noted lack of GFI protected outlet in kitchen. Recommend installation of same for added safety.

all of the countertop outlets should be upgraded to have ground fault protection, which is mandated by current standards and is an important safety feature.

Or something like that.:smiley:

In my area and many other areas, 14 Yrs ago they were not being required by the code guys at areas like kitchen or wet bar.

Therefore if I reported it - it would be as an “Upgrade Suggestion” for a new buyer, not a defect.

My report lauguage recommends upgrades to GFCI protection for all countertop receptacles. I let them know the dates of when the requirements came into being and they can decide for themselves.

Good point Joe and Dan, here they were required then near the sink.

Up here they are mandated by code on new construction if the outlets are within 1 meter or 39 1/4 " from the sink. Sooooo, the builders put them 40" away and don’t supply gfci’s.