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Downstream receptacles that are wired from the load side of a GFCI receptacle are protected by that GFCI recptacle. When the regular receptacles are wired to be protected from the initial GFCI recptacle, they are considered to be slaved.


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Someone correct me last time on the statement.

Claude, I have referenced the RBQ website at length when I started looking for code compliance.
The site mentioned the UBC CSA, NEC as well as Ontario’s building code.
Yes it was a collaboration of many.

They are now mentioning they are on their way to creating Quebec’s own code.
It would put an end to the city of Montreal jockeying for the roll and help subdue municipal interference and corruption in kickbacks.

Robert first off use the CEC Though they are aligning the 2 codes you can’t expect to use the USA code in Quebec or any other province.The CEC is the same code in every province the only difference is each province will have there own set of addendas added to the Canadian Electrical Code. The rules are basically the same rule numbers in French as in English.
Next you need the" explained version" of the CEC or the one that is used for teaching


There is also an electrical inspection code for exsisting residential buildings

Don’t feel frustrated or mad towards the electrians there has been miscommunication of what you were trying to tell them and vise versa take it as a lesson learned.
The Electrical codes are complex each person understands it differently
They also have code training courses in Quebec.
I am sorry it is off topic but I had to explain it
Hope this is useful to all

Thanks Micheal Russel.
You have some great information.

You have the energy and generational aptitude we need to propel our industry under InterNACHI banner forward.

We have to get together with G and Marcel to move our industry forward. As InterNACHI homies “without conflicts of interests and at arms length!”

Thanks as always for keeping in touch.
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