GFCI Protected Receptacles On Hi-Rise Balconies

In Vero Beach, Stuart, Jensen Beach and Fort Pierce, FL I typically find NO GFCI protection at the exterior balcony receptacles.

My interp is that GFCI prot is required at all wet area receptacles since 1973…

Pete I am not sure about Florida, but here they are required on all exterior outlet regardless of height. I do a bunch of condo inspections and even on upper floor balconies they are required.


Not quite, but exterior receptacles have been required by the NEC to include GFCI protection since then…

There was an exception back about 20 years ago for receptacles without direct grade access and being above 6’6" or something to do for those without direct access to the ground.

Hmmm. I wonder what direct grade access has to do with it. Outside is outside, and hi-rise balcs get wet a lot.

Seems like a way for developers to save a lot of money.

Then what about balcs on 2nd and 3rd levels of houses?

Under codes more recent than the ones mentioned by Robert, the 2nd and 3rd floor exterior receptacles would need GFI protection.

Here’s the wording from the 1987 NEC. Not sure when the 6’6" rule was removed but I would guess it was sometime in the 90’s.

It depends on when the code was adopted. Here in Coconut Creek, it was 1974 for exterior receptacles and bathrooms. Our house was built in 1971 and has neither.