Exterior outlets

What are the requirements on a new home for exterior outlets. Where do they have to be installed? Thanks


NEC/ICC calls for grade level receptacles at both the front and rear of a building, I’d hope it goes without saying that they also need to be GCFI protected.



GFCI for all exterior receptacles except for snow melting equipment up high: http://www.nachi.org/gallery/electrical/fixtures/gfci-protection-snow-melting.jpg

thanks guys…as always…NACHI members ROCK…I am on the job now…Great to ask while doing the inspection and checking back from time to time for the answer…

Along with the front and rear recptacles there is also a requirement for a receptacle within 25 foot of the AC compressor and on the same level. If the one on the front or rear can satisfy this you would only need the two.

Exterior outlets should be “GCFI protected” and in a weatherproof enclosure (bubble type) unless it is located under roofed open porches, canopies, marquees, or similar, and will not be subjected to a beating rain or water runoff.

When did they change the rule that they need to be front and back? Didn’t it use to say just two but did not give a location except one near A/C condensing unit?

And decks.