Outside outlet requirements

I have two 6,00 square feet one level medical buildings that has no outside outlets. I know we need some in the rear by the A/C units and/or package units but is any required in the front to trim the hedges and so on. I can not find a requirement in NEC. Please provide some backup documentation if possible or tell me where I can get it. Thanks ahead of time!

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What is the commotion about reporting a FEDERAL PACIFIC SERVICE PANELS AND BREAKERS. I had vague idea, but never certain. need comments
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Talk about a thread drift.:roll: Use the search feature, you should find more than enough info.

Some insurance companies will not insure a house with a federal pacifi breaker panel.

I know of no NEC requirement for general purpose receptacles on building other than dwellings, aside from the HVAC related ones.

FWIW the commercial landscapers would probably use gas powered trimmers.

This may help;

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Tip #42

Dwelling Unit Outside Receptacle Outlet [210-52(e)]
One-Family Dwelling Unit. Two receptacle outlets shall be installed not more than 6½feet above grade, one at the front, and one at the back of the one-family dwelling. GFCI protection is required for these receptacles [210-8(a)(3)].

Two-Family Dwelling Unit. Each grade level unit of a two-family dwelling must have two receptacles outlets installed not more than 6 feet, 6 inches above grade, one at the front and one at the back of each dwelling unit at grade level. GFCI protection is required for these receptacles as well [210-8(a)(3)].

Note: This Section does not require a receptacle outlet to be installed for dwelling units in a multifamily dwelling building. However, if a receptacle outlet is installed outdoors of a dwelling unit in a multifamily dwelling it must be GFCI protected [210-8(a)(3)].

Thanks, have anything on a commericial building.

Generally speaking, in commercial applications the locations of receptacles are dictated by the engineer and designers as to the locations and installation of receptacles and so on. In your question you are dealing with “Other than Dwellings” so the many requirements you would find in dwellings are not afforded to this application. Other than 210.63 obviously.

Now, I may hav read that wrong marcel as I do have a bit of a headache tonight but it seems that the tip you posted from Mike says that multifamily dwellings would not require an outside receptacle and that would be incorrect…but possibly not what mike was trying to say…see the NEC below:

(2) Multifamily Dwellings. For each dwelling unit of a
multifamily dwelling where the dwelling unit is located at
grade level and provided with individual exterior
entrance/egress, at least one receptacle outlet accessible
from grade level and not more than 2.0 m (61⁄2 ft) above
grade shall be installed.