GFCI Question

This picture is of a GFCI breaker that goes to the basement clothes dryer.
The second neutral wire in the back connects to the neutral bus. Is this correct or not?


Sounds ok.


p.s. When you get time, just walk around a HD and look at all the stuff. A while back when I was in school, our teacher took us there, and said it was like a classroom for free. Open boxes, read instructions, etc. Should be able to open a GFCI breaker box and understand what the ‘second’ neutral is for. Good luck.

Typically, if it is wired wrong, it won’t test properly. Did you push the test button?

The neutral wire going to the device should be attached to the neutral terminal on the breaker. The neutral tail on the breaker should go to the neutral buss.

I hate to be rude on you but i have a question to ask you is your local code required the dryer [120/240 volt verison ]to be GFCI ?? in unfinshed basement ]

Merci, Marc