Global warming? Yeah right....

Next ill read there is no easter bunny. Long and the short we pollute the earth, earth fights back. ask the dinosaurs oh wait they are not around any more are they. if we can clean up our act just maybe it may be better. Oh wait we will not agree on that because it cost to much. ( ask the people that live on the dead lakes caused by acid rain . ) Ok that didn’t happen ether . what about the people wanting to know about thier drinking water Kingston TN Maybe we can prevent some things happening by being more careful n what we do.

WTF are saying?! That the dinosaurs were victims of their pollution of the Earth?

There are many hypothesis on that period of mass extinction known as the Cretaceous-Tertiary Extinction Event. Most commonly accepted one is a massive meteor impact. Other theorized catalysts include deccan trap flood basalts, a multiple impact incident caused by a crushed meteor or comet, sea level regression and a gamma ray burst from a hypernova. Hardly anything that could be blamed on pollution. :roll:

BTW, why are we giving credibility to hard left media outlets …

Equal rights . freedom of speech and so on , it is so easy to get people going isn’t it. both sides need to take a chill pill once in awhile . Better on the heart. BTW i didn’t say dinosaurs dead from pollution as we know it did i . debris from outer space could be classed as pollution. we live close to this spill . One side says water is safe ( TVA ) other side high level of arsenic . I just wondering who you would believe if your kids are drinking the water I am betting you would go to the left side . But that is just a guess. same people said no adverse effect in the lake , ( even with all the fish belly up.)

Welcome to the discussion.

Sorry ol buddy but you appear to be talking off the top of your head and expressing opinions and feeling rather than facts.

How about presenting something tangible to react to instead the buckshot approach?

Facts are fish floating belly up TVA Officials drinking water on TV saying it is safe , Next day another group (EPA) saying high levels of arsenic . Like everything else ,Depends who hold the purse strings . Not the first spill apparently . Lack of maintenance may be the cause. Just saying if it hits our pocket book in some way . We justified it but saying it is a scam . and not true
Just like crossing the street.
Do not need fancy fact finding to know this. A little buckshot never hurts

That sounds like an observation not a fact unless it can be proven what killed the fish.

I assume TVA is telling you it’s “safe” based on water quality testing.

Those test results would be public record. Are you disputing them?

We have had numerous fish kills in the land of ten thousand lakes.
Often without any dumping happening. Some of this occurs naturally.

What has the TVA’s stated as the reason for the fish kill?

Depending what is being tested (kind of chemicals) test may vary Also where the test was taken and when . what tested right after the spill and what is 1 week after. Many factors all posted in local papers and news cast Even on on a fox owned Network (just a dig) AS for the fish they where covered with as debris so i do not think it was natural .
So the EPA testing may be wrong? Now the TVA is letting local counties to to test the water . I just find it interesting that when one group has a lot to loose it down plays everything. and the Other side has a lot to gain (lawyers) it is a disaster Now Erin Brockovich is coming to town

Just the fact please.

People get emotional but without facts they have no case.

Gets some facts and pursue it.

I would want to see the test results before making a decision. Yes, I wouldn’t drink the water until seeing the results of both studies and I probably would extract and submit to a lab my own water sample for good measure. I wouldn’t blindly trust either side.

I mean good old mother nature looks after the world not man, politics, or religion .
If it is time to become terminated it is time, ( my statement about dinosaurs) Ice age , earth quakes meteor hits ,There is nothing we can do about that, Pollution we can We can only make life more livable till a natural disaster happens, if that means cleaning up our act i am for it. Just think of the jobs it would create , More clean energy , clean air ,alternate fuels . Yes it is going to cost us up front but what doesn’t . as far as( People get emotional but without facts they have no case.)
This great country was built on lots of emotion or we still have the (union jack flying)

Just wondering who these people in the path of the ash spill can trust. Seems there is money to be made on both sides . If major companies can ignore Warnings of a pending disaster (like these ponds need repair) then water ,land and air we breath will be at risk. I am not a alarmist by any means . On the other side of the coin we need to be calm and not sue the (i) of everyone too .

If we don’t take note on whats happening to our environment it will take of us ,BTW i am not a green peace or tree hugger.

Also i do agree with points made on both sides of the fence it is great people are even thinking these days. Also another THING if you two fellows want to win me over send some damn curds down here . YES i can be bought
I got my wife addicted to them

Here is some links for information on the Spill
For your information and fact Finding

I just wondering what to tell people buying a home near all this in the future. after the dust has cleared and is No longer a news Item.

Tell them this:

The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency does not consider fly ash to be hazardous waste. The pond is regulated as a Class II landfill by the Tennessee Department of Environment and Conservation’s Division of Solid Waste Management. TDEC inspection records going back to 2002 show the pond routinely passed muster, though inspectors occasionally found signs of erosion and seepage.

And i guess i am not getting a shipment of curds am i.
Any way I just hope they get this mess Cleaned up and try to prevent it in the future and not ignore signs . I see in the future Home Inspectors will be asked about environmental issues from people who are not local to the area . We might as inspectors get prepared for This type of testing and research.

You just reminded me that I have to pick up a bag of the best curds for myself. :smiley:

Why does everyone have to take one side and try to pull everyone over?
Can’t we look at the big picture?

As for the ash spill, the water is reported safe “After it has been processed for drinking”. Is it not a problem because we can remove it? Hell no!

My best friend is a Geologist and knows his chemistry way better than I.
I’ll let folks like him do the talking.

As for the Green House thing; many of us here that are IR certified ("?") should have a clear understanding what Green House is about. Green house gas in the atmosphere does not block the suns energy and prevent the “green house effect”. They are called green house gasses because they block heat from leaving once it makes it through the atmosphere. The green house effect is necessary for life as we know it. It is not a constant or stable thing (as many have pointed out). Can we contribute to the action and send it over the top? Sure, but it isn’t known exactly how much it will take (because we have no idea what natures “swing” will be in the coming future. As for the “ice box theory” above, this is what happens when we don’t consider all things relivant or not towards the total picture. Chicken or the Egg? Does melted ice make it warmer or warmer melt the Ice. We should be able to see that, for what ever the cause, the ice melts, things get warmer, more ice melts, it gets warmer…

But then something else happens. A volcano, and asteroid. Things go cold, beck to a frozen planet…

The thing that should not be overlooked is that we are looking to history to see what may happen in the future, but we didn’t have cars and manufacturing when the dinosaurs lived here. Did anyone notice how bad things were in China during the olympics? They had to shut down and seed the clouds to clean up for one event! Then it’s back to “business as usual”.

Sitting up in Wisconsin (which is a treed desert) or top of pikes peek things don’t look so bad. Even LA is looking good these days. We can do something about this. There is no reason to ignore it. It takes the Al Gore’s in the world to keep us aware. Right or wrong, it still warrants consideration.

I beg to differ.

I’ll put these up against anyone’s.

I tasty challenge I’m up for. If I can’t find them in a store, I’ll place an online order. :smiley:

A voice of reason.

My problem with the “Green” movement and the Al Gore Chicken Littles has never been with environmental responsibility, even if it entails a significant financial burden, but rather the BS that they push. They are pushing eco-guilt driven garbage for profit, rather than real solutions.

We need to invest heavily in R&D for viable alternative energies and policies NOW. I am particularly impressed with many of our current green building techniques and I am all for using the currently viable green technologies we have on a wide scale. But we need to develop actual solutions for pollution sources such our “dirty fuel” power plants, instead of kidding ourselves into thinking that we can make them obsolete with our current wind and solar technology.

Another “whole picture” example along those lines…(and another thread)

Clean coil = Sulfur in Sheetrock?!

The rest of the picture.