Snow Today In East Texas

Snow today in east Texas… April 7th.
You don’t see this very often.

Global warming? NOT!!!


Tisk, Tisk, you must be an Closed-Minded-Earth-Killing-Republican.

Open your mind, Global Warming can cause a world wide ice age. Geez…

Next you’ll be saying that higher taxes stifles private sector growth, or something crazier like photo id’s shown before voting. How are the dead suppose to get representation! HUH? Answer me that!!!



Last year (wknd before Easter), we went camping in Glen Rose. Truck thermometer read 110 degrees F. Weatherman said 108.

This year snow!!! Ain’t Texas GREAT.

Funny how the media loves to blame “global warming” when it’s hot but just can’t seem to remember the issue when it’s cold. Hmmmmm.:slight_smile:

Yeah, I was down at the boat last weekend on Galveston Bay, temperature was 88°. High today in Austin was 34° with scattered sleet and light snow flurries!

Good place for snow guys, I have had enough after this 18" storm this week.

Marcel :stuck_out_tongue: :slight_smile:

The power went out last night because of the frozen tree branches
falling on the power lines. It did this 19 years ago when my son
was born. I think I have had enough snow for a while.

Only by new higher taxes, more legislation, and ultimate power given to government, can we change weather. Weather isn’t stable enough left to its own; so we must regulated it, and if necessary to set an example, impose heavy fines on the Sun, Wind, and Clouds.


Now Thomas that’s just crazy talk.:wink: