Goettl Secret Decoder ring

I need to date a Goettl Heat Pump. Heres what the dataplate said: Model HP482E Serial 6344026 Thanks, Tab

Hi Tab,

Prestons guide shows that model number as being current between 1995 and 2000, I can’t narrow it down further.



Pre-1990 there was no standard code, but post-1990 the first # is the last # of the year of manufacture which would make your unit a 1996.

(From the Technical Reference Guide)

I dated a heat pump once and although it did put out, we didn’t have much in common so I had to stop seeing her. :mrgreen:

lol at Paul

Thanks for the replies. Guess I should have re-phrased my question to:I am seeing a Heat Pump can you tell me if she’s old enough? Tab

Y’know…sometimes I wonder about Home Inspectors…

Bill’s got it.

it does get pretty lonely in those basements…and crawl spaces…and attics…hell, i guess I’M lonley.:wink: