Going the extra mile!!

What do you do to enhance your inspection?

Today I removed a 8 year old media filter,
replaced the HVAC thermostat batteries,
moved closet shelving to enter attic,
placed a rug over sellers clothes to keep insulation off,
had agent ask seller to move stored items away from areas I need to inspect. I tightened a loose outlet to show seller.
Walked roof to see vent caps still in place.
Got permission to go on balcony were dog was and carry Milk bones for treats.

Are you rushing to get to jobs 2, 3?
Are you detailed, thorough and dedicated on quality or quantity?

What do you do to go the extra mile for your client?

Painted the handrails to prevent rusting,followed up by wiping of greasy cabinets and sweeping under a spa tub.:slight_smile:

Must admit I was lazy and only cleaned half the windows.

Always make the family laugh, especially the kids and wives. We sometimes talk about the weather and we always shake hands. A prayer for the family, their safety and happiness together in their new home goes a long way, and leaves you with a good feeling.

Sometimes I’ve played football with the guys or went fishing or hunting in Virginia’s Blue Ridge Mountains after an inspection.

Roasted a lb of coffee and made the buyers a Cappuccino , served Biscotti and melon slices, gave the real estate agent a deep muscle massage and made animal shape balloons for the kids.

“I really do roast coffee and give away a 1/2 lb of beans”:cool:

Getting old maybe.

My wife makes cookies, I let the realtor go off roading in my truck, l let the kids climb my ladders and if I have any time left I may do the inspection…

Nice to see a fun thread now and then.

I bought the coffee today!! I should personalize some mugs. Cookies go good with coffee.

As I was driving to the bank to deposit my days pay, with the sunroof open, windows down and the tunes sounding great, I was getting ready to turn into the bank parking lot when all of a sudden one of my all time favorite songs came on the radio, one that I haven’t heard in a long long time, so I stayed on the street to go around and cranked the radio loud & proud.

I arrived at the bank a short time later and was glad “I went the extra mile”. :smiley:

I also have been running into homes with the dogs around. I take precautions as I do not want to get bit in the butt again. So I have a bag of milk bones. And a can of Pepper Spray!!

I seem to be playing with the dogs. (I love dogs), especially the non biters:mrgreen:

Nothing like a good tune Kevin!! (gets you in the spirit, whistle while you work)

People think I am nuts when in attic and I am singing. “you’ll never find” na na na na!!

Dave, you’re not right.

I hit my head pretty hard today in attic while singing!! There was a loud ouch in the middle of the song.

“you’ll never find” na na “OUCH” na na :wink:

The extra mile? I turned on the water at the meter at client’s and agent’s request. Waited a minute till they both came running out, waving arms, yelling “cut it off”!! Went inside to find water dripping from the ceiling fans and running out of the drywall seams. Luckily the agent had plenty of towels and buckets to place under the drips. So I walked upstairs, looked behind the tub, and found the supply pipe that had been cut. Capped it, went back out, turned on the meter, they came running and yelling again.

This time it was at the water tank supply shut off valve. I didn’t have anything with me to repair it, so I just completed the inspection with no water on. I didn’t go to the hardware store for parts, so I guess I didn’t go the extra mile :(:frowning:

Oh, BTW, we all knew this would likely happen. The client is my nephew, and the home is foreclosure. All releases and waivers were in place before we got to the property. It was in pretty bad shape, but fixable if you’re into that kind of thing. :smiley:

I often replace dead batteries in smoke alarms if all in the home are dead. I always tell the seller that they were dead and that I placed new batteries because I want them to be safe for the night. Often gets me another inspection.

There you go!!

Great idea, Troy!

I thought of doing this very idea. But, what came into my mind is; what if I change/replace their batteries and the batteries I bought happen to be it “dud” and it only last a few hours or days, and heaven forbid they have a fire and the detector was found not to be working. Wouldn’t a liability beyond you/me? As in the last to touch the detector…? Just throwing out there.


I bake oatmeal raisin cookies while testing the oven and I wash all dishes while testing the dishwasher. If no one is present I eat all the cookies;-) Err evidence:D

The detectors did not work to begin with, so I see no reason to be held liable.

Keep fresh batteries and use these or similar.

Then the liability is on the battery company:cool:

Ah Tim if that so worries you about liability you should probably stay home and I suggest locking your self in a closet:shock: