Gold breaks $1,900.00/ounce. This is nuts.

Onwards and upwards!

To infinity and beyond!

We’re in the very best of hands.

This is not Obama’s fault.

Leave Obama alone

Loving it… Been at my claim 15 days already this month! Keep it up and it will be full time mining!

I used to make $900/day on average mining my own claims by myself, but it wasn’t worth it as the work was much too hard physically. Today, I’d make $2,700/day on average, but not because I would have to work harder, but because the price of gold has tripled.

There is no bottom to the dollar (as we will all discover this Friday) and so there is no top to gold.

I’m up 62% in a year. :smiley:

If everybody wanted their gold at once it would be just like a bank run. It would’nt
be there…At some point Gold is going to crash…

IMO…why would you have your gold in the bank? that what you were trying to say? my gold is 6’ under in the woods in a steel box!..not in a bank vault…

gold will not crash and will hit 2k by the end of the year maybe next month…some are saying 5k is with in reach in 2 years…

You have it backwards. If everybody wanted their gold at once, it would be just like a bank run. It wouldn’t be there and gold would go to $50,000.00/ounce, not crash. Wide spread realization of scarcity makes a thing go up in price, not down.

Now can you guess what common metal is more scarce than gold?


There is currently less silver above ground than gold. This is because silver is being used up by industry… whereas gold is hoarded. There is only about as much above ground silver right now than there was in 1300 A.D. … less than all the above ground gold.

Seems odd it is trading at $42/ounce. It won’t be there for long!

What did I miss, what happens Friday?

I don’t think there is any danger of that as long as Chairman Obama is in office. :slight_smile:

Goodbye Gold. Hello sensible stock investing.

Gold plunged $104 in New York, capping the biggest drop since March 2008, on speculation that financial markets may be stabilizing, eroding the appeal of the precious metal as a haven.

It will top the big $2K this year.


Your chart is zoomed in on one month that isn’t even over. It is deceiving. Kind of like measuring your waistline in thousandth’s of an inch. Here is an historic chart. Pay no attention to the day-to-day volatility.


If you bought gold at &1900, you are not happy Nick.

Look up parabolic with regard to investment bubbles.

They always end badly.

I bought long before I came on this board and started recommending gold at $600 a couple years ago. Those who listened to me over the past few years are pretty happy I’d guess.

Those who listened to people who said we are at the top of a bubble at $600, again at $700, again at $800, again at $900, and of course the we’ll never break $1,000 crowd, and then again at $1,100, and then again at $1,200, and then again at $1,300 and then again at $1,400… (you get the idea)… aren’t too happy I’d guess.

We’ll see $2,000 before the year is over.