As I predicted.... Go Gold Go!

Good indicator of how jittery the president makes investors. And not just Americans.

Maybe all those buy gold commercials(24/7) are working.:wink:

Highest during the Carter years. Now we’re experiencing the Second Coming of Carter.


Without adjusting for inflation that chart means very little.

Good luck.

Notwithstanding, even in absolute terms it spikes during both Carter’s first and this his second term.

True but as an investment it still sucks unless you get the timing just right.

But, as an index of the level of investor jitteriness respecting incompetent politicians, it is unparalleled.

That’s what I’m here for.

True dat

Nick, keep buying Gold with depreciating dollars if it makes you feel good, but when you sell get paid in Euros or Swiss Franks, you are just buying expensive metals with devaluing Dollars, here’s the rub: the more you buy, the lower the Dollar goes :wink:

Joe, Carter only served once (1977-81), he was beaten by Ford in 1981



You have Ford on the wrong side of Carter’s term;-)

Yeah correct Mike Reagan beat him, my bad


Gold goes back down for a bit tomorrow. The “mixed basket of currency replacing the dollar” story that came out today was untrue.

Every country can print till they run out of ink, but they can’t print gold. That is why gold goes up (actually holds its value by being worth taller stacks of near-worthless paper money) as the simple-think “Hey I need money, print me a bunch” Obama prints.

Yes, gold isn’t worth any more in buying power (been worth about 400 loafs of bread or a nice man’s suit for many years)… but it isn’t worth any less, like paper money becomes with each print run.

Carter beat Ford by a whisker in 1976. The inflation-adjusted graph shows a tripling of the price of gold during the manifestly incompetent Carter’s tenure. It declines apace when guys who actually know how to run a country take over.

Under the incompetent Obama administration it is beginning what will surely be another tripling.

More here.

Hope and Change.

We’re definitely getting the change.

Almost hit $1,100.00 an ounce today.