I think Gold is about to take a big jump up in price.


Buy an ounce if you can.

Did I call that one right or what? http://www.kitco.com/charts/livegold.html

Nice one Nick.

Any thought on CTRP? :wink: :mrgreen:

I haven’t traded stocks since 1987 and don’t know much about stock trading. I only specialize and trade in precious metals.

On that note, how do you go about buying, and especially selling these? I find it’s pretty easy to buy metals (coins) but it’s harder to sell them at what the “market” says the metal is selling for.

FNARX :wink:

Just like any trading, there are fees. If you are only buying a couple new gold 1 oz coins, expect to pay up to $20 over the spot price (value of the melted metal today). If you then want to sell later expect the coin shop to give you spot or just under.

At $1,000 an ounce your trading fees would be about 2% at small quantities.

None of the above statements include anything about the numismatic value of the coin as new coins don’t have much or any. I give only a little thought to numismatic value (I like pre 1933 gold coins) when buying a gold coin and like to stay as close to spot as possible. Like I said, I’m not a coin collector, I’m a precious metal trader.

Gold will take a giant leap should a Democrat be elected to the White House. Remember Carter?

Happening already I think.

Man, it’s gettin’ t’where a guy is afraid to smile anymore…shows my gold fillings, y’know…

I have watched Gold for several years. At this posting, Gold is $889. Several weeks back Gold was over $1000. Gold goes for a while by moving up and down by small dollars and then will pike for a few days and then correct itself. You must be patient and then have access to a dealer who is fair. Do your homework.

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I have been buying some silver (25 ounces) the last couple of weeks. I also bought a 1/10 oz gold panda.

I could not even find any bullion locally so I went to ebay. Ebay has some decent deals.
You can also go to:

I am awaiting my FEDX package from them as I type!

I like the Canadian Mapleleafs too just becuase of they way they look.


The latest addition to my horde!

Nice. Did you buy them online?

This was the first time I used bullion direct, and the nice thing is that there is quite a selection. The rectangular bars (1oz & 10oz) came from ebay.

I like the packaging with the bullion direct stuff. The price is pretty decent too.

I bought a fair amount of gold and silver back in 2001. I feel that the latest pullback in price is a good time to buy a little more.
It is certainly better than “In god we trust” paper!

I just read something recently that I think said something like you can buy more gas now with an ounce of silver than you could in 1950.

See http://www.nachi.org/forum/showthread.php?t=26271

I think ammo is moving into the Precious Metals category. Seen prices lately?

A survivalist like you Russell knows that ammo will be worth its price in gold when society collapses and you and I are living in the mountains of the panhandle of Idaho :cool: .

I just found this site yesterday. You have to buy 50 ounces of silver at a time, but the price is the lowest I’ve seen and it includes free shipping & insurance. I think within a month or two could be the next leg down for the US dollar and/or the next leg up for precious metals.


Gold is great to have.
History shows that tobacco, booze & pot are fantastic trading items.

I remember back in the day, when a coupla cigs were included in C-rations. More often than not, I’d trade them off for some food (hey, you’re hungry enough, you refer to 'rats as food) that another grunt was ready to part with.
I’ve never traded booze or pot, but I’ve witnessed plenty of occasions where people will trade off necessities for habits.

That made a lifelong impression, and I’ve yet to see anyone smoke, eat, drink, shoot or toke a gold coin. My observation is that history indicates gold is a great investment for the long haul. For the short term, don’t forget to stock TP, too. As long as you eat, you gotta . . .!!