Gold hit another all-time high again today.

Onwards and upwards.

Finally giving in - buying some gold and silver for my sons ROTH. Haven’tpaid attention and lost a lot of opportunity. But you got to me Nick.

To infinity and beyond!

Was just listening to the owner of gold lion mint, gold will hit 5K! oh my are we in deep ****!

Nope, $6.5K.

It would be tough for gold and silver to climb higher, past summer. This is another “Tulip mania” of the 17th century Dutch golden age era. Time to nimble on the good old greenback.

That’s what they were saying when I said to buy at $600, $700, $800, $900, $1,000, $1,100, $1,200, $1,300, $1,400 and now $1,500.

The good old greenback is going to zero.

Gold was a buy in 2003 after the establishment of easy monetary policy, gold as an investment is meek as it has minimum dividend paying capability. During madness every one including the house cat rush in with full force until the party is over.
There are more gold shares, ETF’s and shareholders of gold then the actual gold on hand, and in production. Guess what shareholders are holding, paper, indeed.
Fed has no choice but to raise rates sooner than later, inflation is a key factor that dictates this action. This in turn will strengthen the mighty dollar that many have exaggerated its demise.
At the moment the party is in Silver with a relative 1 year performance of 166.5% vs Gold 30.5%.

A gold vending machine in Vegas.

Waqar suggests:

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remember the Hunt brothers!

Who doesn’t remember the Hunt’s who got smothered. The same pundits were crying hyperinflation back then in the 80’s. In any economy there are pockets of hot air in areas the crowd feels frazzled. The oil move is not surprising as the weaker dollar, turmoil in the mid-east and most importantly the super spike demand in emerging countries, mainly China and India. Oil is a different animal, its limited. But Gold doesn’t flow with ease as oil does. Perhaps, all that glitters is definitely gold!!!