We should get a bump in gold in a few hours.

Go gold go!

Gold just broke an all-time high today.


It goes down after your few hours pronouncement a short time ago and then you post when it pops.:roll:

Are you buying at these prices?

The date of my post #1 is June 14. See chart. Looks like a bump to me.

And yes, I’m still stacking (buying on the dips) as gold is going to $6,500.


Nick, it went down in the few hours after your post.

You chart only shows closing prices.

Are you buying at these prices?

I’m not a day trader (you can’t be with physical gold because of the premiums) so don’t hold me to “hourly” prices.

Do a search on this message board and you’ll see that I’ve been regularly advising members to buy physical gold and predicting gold to go up since before the recession started. How was my prediction?

Nick timing is a difficult. You said hours.

Just having some fun with you.

Are you buying?

Correct. Timing is impossible. Look at the charts over longer periods of time as it is impossible to day trade physical gold due to the premiums involved.

Check my facts, but I believe that in the history of this message board, I’ve only regularly touted, to my fellow members, one lone investment… physical gold. How’d I do?

Having correctly predicted, for the past couple years, to buy physical gold… my job is only 1/2 done.

I must now correctly predict when to sell… and I will.

For now, keep stacking.

For those who have enjoyed the ride with me (see chart)… I know, it looks like the top. It’s not. It’s the bottom. Be brave with me and don’t sell yet.


Good luck to all.

BTW-Gold is still a poor inflation hedge. :wink:

If it climbs over $6K/ounce I’ll take it as a hedge.

Equities will go up with it.

It may be good as a **** hit the fan but then you have to be able to defend against someone taking it from you including the government

It has been confiscated before.

As a real store of value. Not so much.

Obama attempting to confiscate all the gold in the U.S. would be awesome news for us gold bugs.

Then why haven’t they? The Dow is at about the same level as it was more than a decade ago while gold has gone up 400%.

Hide it in plain sight…



If you want to play the pick your starting date game I can play that too…:roll::roll:

Let me know when I should sell, I have about 1/2 dozen ounces I bought back in the 80’s at around $650/ounce.

April 30, 1933


S&P 500 = $7.48

June 18, 2010

Gold NY close = $1256.50

S&P 500 = $1,117.51


Gold up 34.9 times or 3,490%

S&P 500 up 148.4 times or 14,840%

Which was the better hedge against inflation?

Inflation will keep going up…gold will keep going up, would like to know were Nick seen it would hit 6500 that would be the chet right there. Looks like its time to get the dredge out again!