Golf ball or baseball

size hail?

On one side only possible base ball on all side expect Hail

Ball peen hammer? :wink:

That’s almost what it looks like but what’s the reasoning, insurance fraud? The damaged spots are mostly same diameter. The houses location did have a hail storm a few months back. Also I didn’t see any damage at metal siding or gutters.

I read an article a while back about using a ball peen hammer to defraud insurance.

If they are all the same size it would make me go hmmmmm.

NACHI article here:

I agree. They were all basically same size, spread out over entire roof.

Three roof vents look like someone stepped on them, as well as the metal flue pipe.

Edit. I had just read the article you just posted. Thanks

Chris… from personal experience… when “golf ball” sized hail occurs, most all are approximately the same size, and in enough quantity to cause the aforementioned damage. When “baseball” sized hail occurs, it is usually only a few to many of that size, mixed in with golf ball sized hail being the predominate size.

It is not hail!

Thanks Jeff. That’s good to know.

Didn’t watch it… don’t care what it claims.

Growing up in Chicago, then living in Washington state for 20 years, and now Minnesota state, I have personally experienced many different sized hail. I have seen the damage same as in Chris’ pics, and know it to be hail damage… or a damned good facsimile of it. A laboratory analysis is the only possibility to determine the exact cause, and that ain’t gonna happen anytime soon.

Chris Jeff is right looks like hail, we had one go through here about 3 years ago left marks like that cause millions of dollars damage , We still find some now

What did the neighbors roofs, vents and gutters look like…the damage on that vent is from a shoe/boot not hail

Size does not matter. What matters is how you state it in your reports. You should say that it is “impact” damage. Could be hail, shotgun, baseball, golf ball, etc. Not for you to determine. If the roof is defective, replace it. It is either good, or bad. Suggest insurance claim/evaluation.

Some of the damage looks like the fiberglass mat is exposed. That would not be consistent with hail damage IMO.

You are correct. I reported this basically as “damaged”. I realize it’s not my job to determine cause. Just thought I would post this for discussion.

Personally after after observing other related factors I’m leaning the damage was caused intentionally (hammer); and stomping on the vents/flue.

Though it’s possible it’s hail. There have been recent hail storms in the region the house is located.

other good places to check as other stated are gutters and siding. The ridge vent is always a dead ringer, as most are either thin aluminum or the matting cushens the impact. A shingled ridge vent will take a worse beating, sometimes passing through.

The metal shouldnt be bent that badly, and some visble ding should be seen. Same as with gutters.

Lastly the storm comes in from one direction, and gutters may be impacted inwards on one side, but the opposite side the dings will be pushed outward from inside the gutter itself.
Doesnt look like hail to me


Its OK Gary, you keep telling yourself that. :stuck_out_tongue:

Looks like hail to me.