Hail Damage or Not?

Just finished an inspection and the home owner is adamite that the shingle damage was caused by a hail storm about 2 weeks ago. (Wisconsin) High temp that day 61degrees and the lows were in the mid 30’s. - Winds were 15 - 30 mph

This area did get hail up to 1" in size. However the roof coverings did not show any signs of pitting, impact marks or dents. Just many shingles that were cracked (50+ areas on the east side of the roof - This was the wind direction of the storm). All of which originate at the decorative edge of the shingle below it. Although I have seen hail damage on many houses in the past, I have never seen one without pitting and impact marks. I am calling it damage likely from people walking on the roof due to the location of the cracks.

Does anyone disagree with me that this is NOT hail damage? I believe the home owner wants me to call it hail damage to get an insurance claim to repair the roof.

TIA - Rick

Splitting is usually either thermal cycling or a manufacturers defect.
Unless the hail was hatchet shaped, I can’t see that happening.


That is Not hail damage.


I agree with Dom and Chris. Don’t get suckered into an insurance claim that more than likely isn’t there.

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You did not post any pictures of hail damage,


Definitely not hail damage.


Another cause of split shingles is when the roofer drops a bundle of frozen shingles over the house’s ridge to separate the frozen shingles from the bundle.


That is not hail damage.

This is what Hail damage looks like :smirk:, golf ball sized hail anyways, divots and dents in the shingle surface. I was the personal recipient from Mother Nature back in 2014!

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Good picture of hail damage:


Thanks Larry, I appreciate the help . :+1:

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Did the house have aluminum gutters? they usually have very noticeable dents from hail damage.

Yes, aluminum gutters. No signs of damage there either.

Even those that ping their roof with a ball peen hammer to try and scam their insurance company always forget to bang on the gutters….dead giveaway.

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Hi I’m afraid that is not hail damage the hail damage would have a pit or a divot a little bit and it would show something about the size of a dime or smaller in terms of the damage and it would be more circular he would not be some a crack like you’re showing that is more from a worn-out shingle or a bad installation

Don’t waste time on this … Tell him to check with his insurance company and keep moving