Hail damage - Roof shingles


Attached are damaged shingle photos that look like hail damage. My concern is that I did not observe any dents on roof vents, gutters, downspout.

Also, please comment on the photo showing a longe indentation in the shingles (manufacturer defect?)







kids throwing a baseball on the roof??

John, please add your location to help others wanting to comment.


I did Larry…Cincinnati, Ohio

Any idea what this damage could be? The roof is 10 years old…it is possible that small hail damaged the shingles but not the roof vents?


Is it in a location where pounding and scraping on ice buildup is a possibility? I’ve seen similar up here from that.

Hi John,
I suppose it’s possible, but I usually see bent vents, gutters and such with that type of clearly visible damage on the shingles. Were the damaged shingles and metal vents on the same slope? (Damaged areas depend on storm direction)
Or it could just be that phenonenom known as “ball-pein” hail. :wink:

I do quite a bit of hail damage inspections for both insurance companies and the public as well; if it were hail, that size no doubt, it would have damaged soft metal.
If you notice that most of the anomalies are in the same location which makes me think that its from the fastener below.

Pictures 2,4&5 are anomalies not related to hail damage.
Lifting the tabs of those in question would have yield more info…just make sure that if you
do that to glue same back down.