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Has anyone a good source for an inspection report format - easy to use repeatedly, well received by customers, relatively inexpensive to obtain, and thorough in its contents?

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This is a repost of a message I posted in another forum but it answers your question. My apologies to those who have seen this post already.

I am a home inspector but I also developed Home Inspection Reporting Software which is available through Management Science Institute.

There are three versions of the Report on the CD. There is an Excel version, a PDF version and an OpenOffice version.

If you do not have Excel or a PDF editor, you can use the OpenOffice version. The OpenOffice program, which is similar to Microsoft Office, is included on the CD. We are an authorized distributor of OpenOffice and you can register your copy at

The Excel version is the most popular. I use both the Excel and PDF versions. There are also add-in pages for "common areas" if you do multi-family or commercial buildings.

Our reporting software is in use by more than 500 inspectors throughout the US and Canada. Many of the inspectors using our Reporting System are NACHI members.

The Reporting system is only one component of our Home Inspection Business System which sells for $59.99 plus $4.85 for shipping and handling. I am pleased to be able to offer it to NACHI members for a special discounted price of $49.99, which includes free USPS Priority Mail shipping (US only, Canada will be mailed Air Mail parcel post).

Members may contact me to ask questions. My e-mail address is My phone number is 419-885-2631.

An order may be placed directly by making a PayPal Payment to "" (leave out the quotation marks). Put your NACHI membership number and chapter affiliation (if any) in the comments section. Also, please e-mail me to let me know that you have placed your order directly through PayPal and I will make sure that it is processed immediately.

The Home Inspection Business System can also be purchased by mailing a check or money order to:

Management Science Institute
P.O. Box 326
Sylvania, Ohio 43560-0326

When ordering by mail, include your NACHI membership number to qualify for the discount and free shipping. We sell a variety of home inspection related items so please also mention that the order is for the Home Inspection Business System CD.

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Check out

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Hi Terry,

Try ReportHost ( ). It's a web-based format that's free to sign up. NACHI members get 15 free reports. Here are a a few (unsolicited) comments by inspectors who use our system:

"One thing is for certain, since I started to use your 'REPORTHOST' system, my business has multiplied significantly by referrals from truly satisfied Clients, mainly due to the professional image reflected by my reports. "

"Just a few days ago we got an inspection via Internet and when we asked the customer why they had chose our company over the others, they said "When we were looking at the report sample, It was the most complete and easy to read report they had seen." Thanks again guys for your hard work and dedication."

"The reporting system is simple to use, and the clients that I have used it with have loved it above and beyond anything else. "

"I have only written 5 reports with ReportHost, but already I love it. It is my only choice now. After my last report I got my first ever letter of appreciation and it specifically mentioned the report. You are now a vital part of my companies reputation. Thanks for the wonderful product, keep it up."

"I have done 5 reports with it and my clients give it unsolicited, rave reviews. In fact I now have a customers contact on my site from one the other day. "

"I have used it 7 times now and my realtors love it."

-Jim Gallant
Owner, All Point Home Inspections - Poulsbo, WA
Co-founder, ReportHost (Web-based report writing service)