Good introductory online courses?

I’m seeking online home inspection courses that are friendly to beginners, and I’m wondering if anyone has any recommendations. Obviously I will eventually learn hands-on, but I’d like to get a firmer foundation before enrolling in any of the more expensive in-person classes.

So far, I’ve looked at

And I’m wondering how they compare? I’m especially interested in courses that are more than just a lecturer in front of a bunch of powerpoint slides, with video/pictures of real-life houses/inspections.

Take the interNACHI route and don’t waste your money…JMO!


You come on a home inspector training site and ask if we have recommendations for home inspector training?

Sorry… just had to laugh.

But since you asked, Internachi is great… it’s just a small monthly fee, with no commitment…
Great way to test the waters


Just a follow up. I did the AHIT course first, paying around $800 for it. I got a box of books and “goodies” for signing up. I passed and got their certification, and then found interNACHI. Tried the CPI test and failed. Took the required courses and realized the more education that NACHI provides is your best knowledge. Up to you though…

Become a member of InterNACHI, take the online courses, and if you think this industry is something you’re still interested in, then you can look into paying for and taking other courses.

Also, by becoming a member you’ll have access to many home inspectors to ask questions of and to get help from.


what Kevin said!

Yes, InterNACHI specializes in bringing newbies into the profession.

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Thanks for the replies, all! It does look like InterNACHI at least with the monthly payment model is less of an upfront investment while I explore this industry and should be a good option.

I’m still curious about any differences in content between the different classes, if anyone has experiences to share. Is there a lot of overlap or are some classes complementary?