Good Iraq News you probably missed

U.S. Military Returns Control of Anbar Province to Iraqis](,2933,414364,00.html)
Monday, September 01, 2008

**Culture Resurfaces In Sadr City As Violence Falls

Former Marine acquitted in Iraqi detainee deaths

Democrats can’t make points with this news Michael, so don’t expect it to have a long shelf life.

That is huge news! I caught a glimmer of it on a scroll line at the bottom of the screen on TV, thats about it! My personal opinion on the news anymore is they have gotten so bad that some of them should be brought up on treason charges. I feel this war in Iraq would have been over a long time ago if it were not for the press and the …well never mind. No doubt what side they are on! Not ours!:frowning: It really is sad!

Now, let me see if I understand this correctly…

You have learned (and quoted) from media sources certain developments in Iraq. You were not there seeing it first hand, but learned of it totally from media sources.

Yet, somehow, the media did not give this the attention that you feel it should.

I don’t understand what you are trying to convey.

My local socialist newspaper had it on the World page (4) of the paper, where I imagine few readers venture.

Geez Jim! I think the point is that it is on page 12 of the paper and something like McCains Veep picks daughter is getting pounded is on page one! This area of Iraq is where a lot of the news was coming from when it was bad news. Now a major step has been taken its more important to pound someones child then to report progress. I have said it before if you keep pounding something down peoples throat enough even the smartest of folks sometime begin to beleive. The liberal press has managed to do that, I see.

Ok James, I’ll spell it out for you-

The story of a little girl who is pregnant and going to get married is getting 1000% more coverage than the story that the Brave Men and Women of the American Armed Forces are bringing order to Iraq despite what all the Democrats claimed.

Is that clear enough for you? ( are you really that dull? :roll: )

And this is new to you?

This is something that never existed before our cancer ridden, aged Republican nominee chose a beauty queen to replace him when he dies in office?

I would venture to say that Lincoln objected to the priorities the newspapers gave his “good news” during the Civil War. Care to guess how much coverage his address in Gettysburg, PA got in the California papers?

It’s the nature of news…not a conspiracy against dying candidates who pick MILFs as running mates.

You really ARE that dull. I shouldn’t be surprised. :shock:

Good comeback.:roll:

I kept it simple so you could understand. Did I over estimate again?!!?

US says troops could quit Baghdad soon

By Demetri Sevastopulo in Washington
Published: September 3 2008 09:43 | Last updated: September 3 2008 09:43

General David Petraeus, the top US commander in Iraq, said declining violence in Baghdad raised the possibility that American combat troops could leave the capital by next summer.
Asked in an interview with the Financial Times whether it was feasible that US combat forces could leave Baghdad by July, he said: “Conditions permitting, yeah.”

George…you will never be the man your mother was, so just back off.:wink:

In a battle of wits, you have brought a pocket knife to a gunfight. Back off.

I just went over to a guys house down the block with a rifle, and got him to hand me his car keys.

That just goes to show I am in the right.

Great news , I just wanted to share.To think there were those who thought it was wrong. Wow …were they wrong.

The nature of news has been and always will be to report the incidents of “Man bites dog” rather than the opposite.

As a conservative, I would love to see the lead news story be “Nothing happened today in the conservative and Republican town of Smallville and for that we want to commend the wonderful Republican administration that has fought the changes that could have allowed something to happen. Let’s begin with President Herbert Hoover who …”

But it never happens. 100 Boy Scouts will help 100 little old ladies cross the street, but the lead story will be the driver of the steam roller that ran the light and flattened a high school marching band.

Is it the media…or is it the consumers of media…who drives this phenomena?

Keep sugar coating James.

The 4th estate has done a piss poor job of supporting the actions and successes of our troops.

I have a son with three tours of combat.

I appreciate, love and depend upon a news media that does not accept all of the propoganda that is put out by those who profit by war. I expect…I demand that they hold every politician who plays a role in the conflict completely and publicly accountable.

I want the bio and photo of every soldier who dies as a result of the decisions of politicians in Washington to be smashed into the faces of those whose decisions led to his death. I count on the news media to do that and not to side with the government in its actions.

This is a necessity of a free society and something you will not find in any other part of the world. It has as much to do with maintaining our rights and freedoms as citizens as voting.

An informed public…independently informed public…can run its government. Others are run by their governments. I prefer to have it the way we do.

That is totally inconsistent with the presidential candidate you intend to vote for.

The press has consistently shown their disdain for Republican and especially conservative government.

They stopped “reporting” the news years ago and now spend most of their time pushing there less than veiled agenda.

Thankfully we have the internet and other news sources including talk radio. and now that that has become so threatening to their control they want to change that by instituting the fairness doctrine.

What source will there be if that happens?

We will be forced to read between the lines to figure out what is going on much as my friends who emigrated from the Soviet Union used to have to do.

Seems to me that the Republicans have plenty of propoganda right here on the MB.

Stop it with the Rush Limbaugh sound bites.

Republican politicians use the press and media to push their own agendas like anyone else. How do you think people learn about them to elect them?

The party who loses in the popularity polls will blame the media that they claim formed the opinions against them. Democrats like Carter, Republicans like Nixon…all have the same sad story to tell.

As for the various sources, only a fool garners all of his data from one source.