Bin Ladem - Dead! - Finally!

Just heard from Drudge and NBC news. Osama Bin Laden dead from military action, in coordination with the CIA. They have his body and have verified his identity using DNA testing.

Big one down, not lets clean up all the small fry.

I hope this helps the national mental health to where the economy is positively effected.

Hope and Change I can believe in.

Obama got Osama.
Good enough for me ,now lets get to making money.

allahu akbar :smiley:

Killed in a mansion in Islamabad, in Pakistan. He ain’t been hiding out in caves. Body identified and verified by DNA testing.

Now let the word go forth that the United States will not rest while her enemies are extant.

Where you getting your news from? I’m watching CBS and nothing is being released right now.

NBC Billy

Hoo Yaaa. I hope it make the troops happy.

Billy, Fox News.

Per my daughter, at the U.S. Naval Academy (who I had to inform via Facebook chat. Go figure!), they are blasting Queen’s “Another one bites the dust” our the windows with their stereos, dancing in the halls and all kinds of crazy stuff. Just like a College that just won the Final Four tourney.

A wonderful day.

Please avoid Fox News unless you like propaganda.

A great day for America and President Obama, job done.
CNN got great coverage too.

Got tired of NBC and its ‘teaser’ news flashes so we streamed in BBC and Al Jazeera. They told us more news.


God bless all of the American men, women and children that were murdered
on 9-11!
God Bless our American servicemen and women!


Glad he’s gone

So does this mean some of our troops can come home now?

No, no…remember this is a war on terrorism. We still have yet to enter Northern Ireland, Spain, Chechnya, etc.


I want to see his Death Certificate. Long form.

So can they have DNA results already?