Good Mexican in Jersey

Going to Jersey next week for two hotel evaluations. Will be near Princeton. Looking for a good Mexican restaurant. Any suggestions?

I don’t suppose Taco Bell would…

na-a-a-hhh, never mind.

uh…not exactly :wink:

You mean there is no Mexican food in San Diego ?

No, I was down there last week to give a talk. All they have are Steak houses!

au contraire my good man…you just didn’t look around. We have some great Mex restaurants. It’s relative, though, I go to Texas and they rave about their Tex-Mex. It’s good, yes, but not the same. Last time in NJ I found a decent little pub (hot waitress, but that’s a story for another day) and the Mex was okay. I’m always on the hunt for good Mex when I travel.

If you make it Philly, go to Tequilas (16th & Locust)

I had two properties I was planning on visiting in Philly but my schedule got changed. But thanks Chuck,I’ll keep Tequilas in mind :wink:

I may go to San Diego near end of the month and will decide next week.
Never been to California before but my daughter is having a baby shower on the 23rd and Dom is spilling all his SEO secrets on the 24th.

My favorite band Morcheeba is playing only one USA concert at the Hollywood bowl a few days later.

You ought to come west Bob. It’s nice over here. I’ll be in Chi-town the first week in September.

Let you know if I go
Ok trying to think who else might go to the San Diego seminar.

Looks like they waive the app fee for non-CREIA members (me). So it brings the annual cost down to $385. Not bad.

There’s NACHI members coming from as far as Ontario, Canada to the seminar. Nice vacation, err, I mean educational tax write off. Not sure how the convertible will look on their taxes though!

Convertible ?

Damn you know me so well.

It is needed for open air Guerrilla marketing so there should be no problems with that.

Wait a second here ,you said tax write off?:D:mrgreen:

Of course! If you travel here to go to a seminar you write off your flight, hotel, car and even food.

Dom you are making my Decision more of a no brainer.
I am at 50/50.

My cheap self may hold me back.:mad: