Good narrative?

What’s a good narrative for multiple layers of roofing? I’m at a house that has spaced one bi’s with cedar shakes and four layers of roofing on top of that.


Replace …Perfect love it Roy

Sometimes less said is better

Tear off all and Replace

More like it:mrgreen::mrgreen:

From the InterNACHI Narratives:

The roof had (you fill it in) existing layers of composition asphalt shingles installed at the time of the inspection. One layer is now the maximum allowed.
This condition will result in the following:

  • When new roofing is required, both layers will need to be removed before new roofing material can be installed. Whoever owns the home at the time of replacement will be required to pay for removal and disposal of the old shingles, and for materials and installation of the new roof-covering materials. This is much more expensive than simply adding another layer and you may wish to take this into account in your consideration of this property.
  • Reduced asphalt shingle service-life of the existing shingle roof compared to similar shingles installed over a proper substrate.
  • Any warranty offered for the shingles is now void.
  • Shingles will be more easily damaged by hail.

I always explain that when the roof is replaced it will include removing everything down to the rafters or furring. Which is a much larger job than just stripping a roof when there is plywood underneath and can make a real mess of the inside.


The roof covering was improperly installed due to the fact that there were multiple layers of composition roofing over a wood shake or shingle roof. This is more layers of roofing than designed for OR permitted by building codes. In our opinion as an expert witness; code inspector; and licensed contractor it would not typically be insurable. AND most lenders and appraisers would likely turn it down as is.

The above conditions indicate there has been a liberal approach to proper installation practices involving the roof. This type of installation has the potential to become problematic in the future. We recommend having a licensed and competent roofing contractor read the inspection report; evaluate the buildings roofing system; then service, repair or replace any unreliable conditions or deficiency’s in a safe and proper manner prior to closing.

OR you could just say …

The roof has too many layers. Strip it all, and re-roof from decking upward.

Gee, my record is 5. The rafters were bent like a rainbow. Unsafe home. Three months later, the home was demolished due to extensive termite damage, among other things. Built in 1890.