Good news about National Certification fees

National Certification fees.

As of now, the fee for applications from organizations such as INACHI (which does not have an equivalency agreement with the NCA) has dropped from $950.00 to $682.50 (that includes the GST.)

Anyone who paid the higher fee in 2009 will be getting a refund.

The fee for organizations with equivalency has also dropped slightly, but the difference between the two is not as great as it used to be.

Go to:

Click on “Application form” and look at the last page where it shows the fee schedule.

Nice, in these financially difficult times to be able to finagle a break for people. Kudos to the NCA board members!


As a voice at the table, you played a big part in getting the reduction, by supporting and amending a motion and rationalization I had proposed on fee reductions.

In Ontario, inspectors who join PHPIO and want to apply to the NCP are eligible for the lowest rate possible at $ 500. + gst. The savings basically covers the PHPIO annual membership fees.

Bill Mullen

Bill, you may have answered this question some other time / place but a lot of talk is in the air that says in order to be a member of PHIPIO you MUST be actively pursuing the National Certification. Is that true or false?

This is true. PHPIO’s main reason for existing is to help people get their National Certification for the best price and with the least amount of ‘red tape’. Of course, as an association, PHPIO is developing other membership benefits, etc. to enhance the value of membership. The highest level of membership (PHPI) requires a person to be a full National Certificate Holder.

If the other Ontario association had been doing what they promised regarding the National Certification, PHPIO would not have been created.

Bill Mullen

Thanks Bill. I would join but I have no desire to pursue the National Certification thing.

And that’s okay. Like most things we do, it’s a business decision, George, and I respect your right to decide what is best for you.

Bill Mullen