Good news! Government of Alberta approves InterNACHI's program for licensing.

(Nick Gromicko, CMI) #1

(Vern Mitchinson, CCHI CMI) #2

This is great news. Good job Nick and all your staff. We still have a lot of stuff to do. Set up tests. Peer reviews etc. There have only been 7 successful peer reviews to date. Insurance costs have come down due to competition and the terms of the agreement we have in place but Mr. hood has rejected clause 4 and 7. Liam our lawyers is working on that and it should be resolved by the end of next week.
Each of you has to proceed with all the paper documention etc so keep on working and we shall overcome.

(Christopher Tasker) #3

Good job all you guys, I think this was very important for Inachi and it`s Canadian members , I suspect when Inachi courses were approved via Inspect4U, it was not seen as success for AlbertaNachi members, but this is success. this has been your focus for a while Vern ,( Inachi course approval ) Congrats, To all involved , Nick , Daniel, Steve, sorry for missing some.

(Christopher Tasker) #4 take a look, Carson Dunlop , Inspect4U , Internachi . all approved.

(Fritz Kamprath, CET, CMI) #5

So seriously ..... how has this whole process improved the industry?

(Vern Mitchinson, CCHI CMI) #6

No improvement unless you like to spend your money. Then you should have a great time. :-)

(Christopher Tasker) #7

Same as BC, all association designations recognized, all course providers approved, just more money for government and insurance companies ,aside from all that special thanks to Inachi, Nick, and Alberta Nachi guys, Vern , Daniel, Steve, for getting us in there, it was a lot of extra time invested, for you all to get us here, sorry if I missed some names .