Good news! Government of Alberta approved InterNACHI's program for licensing.

Become a licensed home inspector in Alberta.

Glad for Alberta and all the NACHI members.
Glad for NACHI thanks to all for getting this to Happen … Roy Cooke

Everybody dance,now…

Thanks very appropriate… Roy

LOL! Too funny. Anyway, we just saved every InterNACHI member in Alberta $3,000.00 to $5,000.00 dollars… each.

I think there are some who can look at it that you just COST those who bought this law $3,000 to $5,000 for every InterNACHI member who now will not have to pay to take their course.:wink:

Congratulations on being able to turn chicken schidt into chicken salad.

Good job Nick! It was a struggle, but it will be well worth it to all InterNACHI members in Alberta.

Our job now is to get our 257 Alberta members to apply for their licenses.

Yes, whats going on, why haven’t they applied yet?


Great effort by all concerned. It was a monumental effort by Nick, Ben, Liza, InterNACHI staff and lawyers and many others that have worked on this for a long time. There was over 45 pounds of paper documentation submitted.
We still are not done. All our members still have to write proctored exams and pass a peer reviewed inspection, report and presentation.
One things for sure We will have the best trained and qualified inspectors and the best association in the world. It does not get better then that. Thanks to all who contributed and made this possible.

We all know you Vern did Much work on this and I am sure every one is very excited today with the out come .
Thanks again to all and this just might help all Canadians … Roy

Amazing, just amazing.

I’m just confused!!

I guess I should say " Way to go" but I thought InterNachi was not going to apply. Not trying to stir thing up, I think that was done on other posts. Just need some clarification on all this. If some one would like to pm me with the details on how all this came about please do so. I think there has been to much “public debate” already.

PM sent

Thanks Dan, Now go be with your Family and quite worring about this stuff. I beleive you deserve a few days off.:):wink: We are here if you need us just like you, Vern and Steve have been behind us.-o<

Greg, watch the movie Zulu with Michael Caine.

And, if I might add, it was quoted by a source that shall remain nameless, but he works for the Gov and loves free lunches …*wink,
“the inachi material was the most thorough, and relevant, of all the educational systems available.”

can anyone help, I am looking for the internachi home inspection contract approved by service alberta. as soon as I find it I can get licenced.