Good read on younger home buyers

“The best way to avoid overpaying is to have a home inspection done before purchase — these inspections can uncover electrical problems, heating and cooling problems, termite issues, radon problems, and a host of other hidden issues that might not be readily apparent to the untrained eye,” Harris said.

Good quote to add to any marketing tools in this time.


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Good read, Tom.


…and realizing that they shouldn’t have relied on their crypto-currency investments for the purchase…

Of course almost just the opposite stats from the National Real Estate Association. I believe your article is more accurate. Even though my article is including everyone, not just Millennials, but I think they’ve been the majority of purchasers lately.

Survey respondents didn’t report regrets when it came to how quickly they made their purchase or how much they paid

. … that one’s hard to believe

here’s how it works, u knew this
don’t ask any questions about regrets
it’s worked w/the Bride


Just heard it, thanks :wave:

Two thirds? Sounds like millennial bullshit to me.

It’s a good article, what I gleam from it is consistent with what I am seeing in our market. Most buyers will overpay for a house that is perceived to be in good condition because they want “move in ready”.

Also 20 & 30 somethings don’t want to maintain or improve their property, especially right away, they want to be doing all of the outdoor activities Colorado offers.

Heck my current house is 50 years old and I spend more time and money on maintenance now than I did with my previous 2 houses combined. But I also bought a dump that needed a lot of work.

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