Upset Realtor

I just got a call from a realtor who’s client i did an inspection she was pretty upset at me because the buyer backed out of deal because of the report. I asked what the main issue was and she said that i pointed out several major defects in the roof,boiler and electrical and it scared off the buyer. I told her the house is old and that anyone can see that the roof needs replacing. I noted in report that at the time of inspection no leaks or evidence of any leaks as it rained the day before and attic showed no signs of moisture.Customer should budget to replace the roof in the future. I told her the boiler that is probably the original of the house obviously will need replacing at some point in the very near future. I noted in report that although the boiler was working at the time of inspection i can not determine the life expectancy and customer should budget for a new one. I told the customer during inspection a more efficient boiler will save money in the future and well worth the investment. The electrical only had 100 amps service (no gas in the house all appliances run on electric) as well as some aluminum branch wiring. I noted in the report that a licensed electrician should inspect aluminum branch wiring and advise customer on upgrade options .She said i should have kept my opinions to myself and hung up. Was i wrong? how do I rectify this with the realtor?

Add her to your NO CONTACT list. She is the type of realtor that you NEVER want to do business with ever again. Just think if you had pimped yourself out to make her happy, and these issues reared their ugly faces down the road. Who do you think would be on the line for repairs? You know damned well that realtor would have thrown you under the bus and be pointing her finger at you for failing to do your job!

This is by far the best marketing you could get…for free no less!! Too bad she did not email that to you.

Your client paid you for your opinions. You didn’t ask for the agent’s opinions. She should have kept her’s to herself. I would circle back to my client to check-in with them and them know what just transpired with the agent.

They may wish to restart their house hunting with a new agent. A good selling agent would have said to the client “This just wasn’t the house for you, let’s find the one that is…” only the listing agent is stuck with the house.

Yes, you are wrong…

For listening to that Stupid Used House Salesperson. Do not give it a second thought :slight_smile:

Way to go. Ask “YOUR” client how they feel about you as that is all that matters :slight_smile:

Send her a box of boo hoo tissues.

You might also ask if she was looking at the same house to purchase or her family would she rather you wrote a soft report.

Don’t bother. Move on.

You might contact her and ask her to put her concerns in writing. That would be a GREAT reference for future clients.

Make lemonade:mrgreen:


The great majority of realtors I work with are good business people who want their client to have the best and most complete information about the property.

There are some bad apples too, of course.

Today a listing agent admitted that her clients left the outer doors open for an extended period of time during a radon test.
That was good for her to volunteer that.

Then she tried to convince the buyers agent that open exterior doors would increase the radon levels and that the test was therefore invalid. :shock:

Most agents I work with are great.

But there are two I just refuse to deal with anymore. The aggravation isn’t worth it.

Most agents I work with are great too, a majority of (selling) agents I meet… I’m glad I don’t have to deal with.


Thank you everyone for your comments
I spoke to the my customer this evening who thanked me for my thorough report and from saving him from making a big mistake. And although they like the house and the neighborhood they just felt the upgrades would be too expensive for them to handle. As far as the realtor they told me they are not happy she is pushy and doesn’t listen to them especially when she keeps pushing them to look at houses they cant afford. After i told him what happened he said they plan on dropping the realtor and will definitely give me a call for their next inspection.

Its awesome when doing the right thing pays off. Nicely done.


It sounds like you did everything right. Give yourself a pat on the back. No need to make an apology to her. Smile on and keep inspecting.

Nice. You did make lemonade!


Nice Job!

Open doors and windows CAN increase the radon levels. Radon can come into a home from the soil below when the air pressure inside is less than the pressure in the ground. A house has a natural upward suction, called the stack effect, because warm air leaves through cracks and openings on upper levels, and replacement air (and radon) will be sucked into the house from lower levels and the soil below the slab. Opening windows on one or two sides of a house can create a low pressure interior and increase the stack effect. Prevailing winds can also create a pressure-differential stack effect. “Closed House” conditions should always be observed - with only normal entering and exiting allowed before and during a test.

In the solitude of your own office, have a heart-to-heart conversation with yourself and decide if you are building your business to be one of the many home inspectors who are in business to help real estate salesmen sell houses in exchange for referrals, or if you are in business to provide prospective home buyers with a complete, accurate, and unbiased description of the house that they are considering to purchase.

You cannot do both.

Once you make your decision as to which kind of home inspector you will be your responses to these and similar complaints will flow from you, naturally.

Keep posting JB. This message board needs some direction.