Goodman Recall?

I found this sticker on a Goodman split A/C compressor (m/n: CKL30-1E s/n: 0210479499). Was there a recall or other problems with this unit to call for this offer?


It looks like an extened warranty one can purchase.

I know of no recalls for this.

its an extended warranty. States something about additional warranties at the bottom. Just another way to get some extra money out of the customer. They know the likelihood of a compressor failure in the first 60 months is pretty remote. Not impossible but remote.

That is the Goodman marketing ploy.

They state their warranty is equivalent to others, however the warranty only covers parts not installation labor or other associated requirements for changing a compressor such as recycling refrigerant (EPA requirement), the time to evacuate the systems gases before charging, the new or recycled refrigerant replacement in the system, the suction and filter line dryers that cost about $30 apiece to prevent contamination of the new equipment, the oxygen acetylene and silver brazing rod required to complete the installation etc.

Is very interesting to note that within warranty time this sticker will disappear from solar exposure. Coincidental?

The interesting part of this is that if $20 is not sent in at installation, your warranty does not cover these expenses. Actually, their labor allowance is less than what it actually cost to install a compressor in most cases.

Also, you must wait for a new compressor to come from the factory. You cannot just take one off the shelf or out of your truck to replace the defective part. Also, the compressor (in its entirety) must be shipped back to the factory for warranty. Most companies only require the data plate to be removed and forwarded to the factory.

Also note, this warranty begins on the 13th month. If you’re compressor fails before that it falls under the responsibility of the person that installed the equipment.