Goodman tonnage

I know the pic sucks but I have 5 ton. It was a 1700 split foyer and the hvac guy said it was sized properly. I have discussed this with other hvac people and they said NO! Is 5 ton correct? the compressor had a 50 amp max breaker and a reversing valve the size of the space shuttle

It’s hard for me to tell by the serial or model number, but going by the RLA, I’d estimate it as a 3.5 ton…unless it’s a newer high efficiency unit…then it’d be a 5 ton.

If the house has single pane windows and no insulation at all it might be. A regular 1700 sq. ft. split foyler would have about 2 1/2 ton unit on it.

Yes I know that. I wanted to confirm the size in the photo. It’s usually the 4th and 5 digits in the model number which is 60. Around here roughly 650 a ton.

I spoke with the guy who looked at it and he said “itsa little oversized but ittle be awright”. OK cheif your the licensed individual. :roll:

Its a five ton unit Sean…unless I’m missing something.

Yes, it is…

Thank You!!

I told the girl to get a second opinion but its up to her now. I did my job.

It just irritates me that some goober said its Kosher even with the old windows. She plans on replacing them soon as well.

So you didn’t believe me eh?

Here’s a chart for reference.


what’s a ‘split foyer’?

A very popular style home in my area especially in the 70s and 80s and still built today.