Trane Heat Pump

A Trane split system heat pump, only hvac system installed in a 2100 square foot home. Model # is TWR730A100A1 , manufactured 09/91. I determine this unit to be 2.5 tons, that would be under sized for 2100 square feet. Does anyone have info on this model # to confirm this is a 2.5 ton unit ?
Thanks in advance.

That would be a two and a half ton unit. To determine whether it is the proper size or not would require a load calculation.

Model # is TWR730A100A1

30/12 = 2.5

This inspection is tomorrow, I went by to look at the HVAC this afternoon, the reason I wanted confirmation on the size is because I have never seen a 2.5 ton unit serving a two story 2100 square foot home, if the heat operates my job is done. I will recommend when the unit is replaced, it is 15 years old, the HVAC contractor do a load calculation for proper size of new unit.

Very unlikely that a 2-1/2 ton unit has the proper CFM to properly supply the needs of a two story home regardless of heat load calculations. I would think TN has approximately the same average high and low ambient temp as Okla and I would never have considered installing that size unit on a two story.

Charley, what if the air handler is the variable speed type? Don’t these typically have CFM jumpers to choose the airflow?

A 2.5 ton unit is too small to cool that size house in any climate.

Its like trying to power a Peterbuilt with a Volkswagen engine.

The overall blower size is smaller in a 2.5 ton system. It was stated the unit was 15 years in age so it may or may not have multi-speed motor and even if it does just not enough push for a two story. As a Hi I don’t get into efficiency very often but on occasion I have when I absolutely knew I was right based on my experience.

But I will inform my client even if the unit is performing as intended but has to run non-stop because of being under sized or poor duct/return problem. I do not want my client to be surprised and start calling me. I want everything on the table. I consider myself as being on the clients informational TEAM for making purchase decisions

Good advice…

You will see it all the time in homes built about 15 years ago (ooh, just noticed the unit is 15 yrs old!). Also newer, but not as much.

In accordance with the Laws of Thermodynamics and general physics, you can not effectively cool two stories with one unit unless it has a balanced zoning system and a return duct to both levels of the house.

If the second floor area is above the garage, this problem becomes 400% worse. You will see a lot of this.

I just can’t believe whoever has been living there, hasn’t already corrected the probable undersize problem.
I’d look further, determine what size Furnace/AHU, and what size Evap.Coil is existing. I’d for sure recommend that the your Client have a Prof. HVAC Contractor inspect and advise.
I am sometimes cynical, but the older, larger unit may have crapped out and the owner/seller may have purchased what ever he could, on the cheap.